Dr. Gerlinde Berger-Walliser

Assistant Professor of Legal Studies
Marketing Department

Education/Professional Certification:

Ph.D. in Law, University of Bielefeld (Germany)
Licentiate in International Transactions Involving the United States, University of California Davis
Second Legal State Examination, Heidelberg (Germany)
First Legal State Examination, University of Bielefeld (Germany)

Areas of Expertise:

International business law, private international law, comparative law, civil law systems (especially Germany and France), proactive law, contract visualization, law and sustainability.


Gerlinde Berger-Walliser's research focuses on comparing current issues in U.S. business law with European civil law systems, including consumer protection, comparative trademark law, corporate governance, and law and accounting. She is particularly interested in the positive role business can play in transnational, intergovernmental, and public-private governance, with particular attention to sustainability. In addition to her international focus Professor Berger-Walliser conducts research in proactive law and contract visualization.

Her work has been published in leading European and U.S. journals including the Northwestern Journal of Int'l Law & Business, Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, North Carolina Journal of Int’l Law & Commercial Regulation and Tulane Journal of Int’l and Comparative Law. She has received multiple research-related awards including a First Place Distinguished Paper Award from the Pacific South West Academy of Legal Studies in Business.

Dr. Berger-Walliser is member of the Academic Advisory Board of the International Association for Commercial and Contract Management, focus group member of the Proactive Think Tank, and founding member of “Association des Professeurs de Droit dans les Grandes Ecoles”. Prior to joining UConn, Dr. Berger-Walliser hold academic positions in France and Germany and was a member of the German Bar. She is fluent in German and French.

Featured Publications:
International and Comparative Business Law
  • Berger-Walliser, Gerlinde and Bird, Robert C., “The Impact of Plain Packaging Regulation on Illicit and Non-Illicit Tobacco Products in the European Union,” 38 North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation 1015 (2013).  
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  • Schulzke, Kurt S., Berger-Walliser, Gerlinde and Marchini, Pier L., “Lexis Nexus Complexus: Comparative Contract Law and International Accounting Collide in the IASB-FASB Revenue Recognition Exposure Draft,” 46 Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 515 (2013). 
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  • Berger-Walliser, Gerlinde, Stalling Williams, Melanie, Walliser, Björn and Bender, Mark, “Bavarian Blondes Don't Need a Visa: A Comparative Law Analysis of Ambush Marketing,” 21 Tulane Journal of International and Comparative Law 1 (2012). 
  • Saunders, Kurt M. and Berger-Walliser, Gerlinde, “The liability of online markets for counterfeit goods: A comparative analysis of secondary trademark infringement in the United States and Europe,” 32 Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business 37 (2011). 
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Proactive Law and Contract Visualisation
  • Barton, Thomas D., Berger-Walliser, Gerlinde and Haapio, Helena, “Visualization: Seeing Contracts for What They Are and What They Could Become,” 19 Journal of Law, Business and Ethics 47 (2013).  
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  • Berger-Walliser, Gerlinde, Bird, Robert C. and Haapio, Helena, “Promoting Business Success through Contract Visualization,” 17 Journal of Law, Business and Ethics 55 (2011).  
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Contact Information:

Telephone: (860) 486-5864
E-mail: gerlinde.berger-walliser@business.uconn.edu
Office Hours: M/W 2-3 pm and by appointment

Room Number: 361
Fax Number: (860) 486-5246

University of Connecticut
School of Business
2100 Hillside Road Unit 1041
Storrs, CT 06269