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Meg Warren

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Executive Education

The UConn School of Business offers corporate and customized programs for organizations seeking to elevate their employees to new levels of leadership and innovation. We also offer open enrollment programs and courses for mid- and upper-level leaders who want to sharpen their management skills and advance their careers in today's competitive marketplace.

Companies. Train your employees and foster your future leaders with corporate workshops designed to fit the needs and objectives of your organization. Choose from off-the-shelf or customized programs. And choose the time—day, evening or weekend—and location—your facility, one of our campuses or even online—that’s most convenient for you.

Individuals. UConn's Executive Education Program and open enrollment courses are ideal for professionals in all industries—from business owners to senior executives—seeking to pursue a higher level of knowledge, accelerate their career growth, improve performance and drive innovation.

Custom Executive Development

Our team of industry renowned faculty, senior industry teaching practitioners, and experienced professional staff work in close collaboration with your leadership team to design, develop, and deliver customized learning programs to meet your organization’s needs. After gaining an understanding of your organization’s key strategic objectives and current most pressing challenges, we develop customized programs offering innovative solutions to enhance performance and drive lasting improved results. Our dedicated team works closely with your organization and takes a holistic approach to design the best program to meet your needs, whether to meet specific and narrowly defined objectives to address a particular organizational and talent management need or to develop a program to address more broad topics geared for successful business operation.

Our expertise is derived from cutting–edge research and long-standing industry partnerships, which allows us to build successful customized programs. Our industry renowned faculty and senior industry teaching practitioners offer relevant frameworks, knowledge, and new perspectives. Participants build immediately applicable competencies in an interactive experiential learning environment, facilitated by passionate faculty. The learning and development activities and exercises address your organizations stated core issues with practical learning methodology. Upon completion of the program participants are thereby prepared to have meaningful organizational impact.

We aim to make a difference and our programs may supplement internal training and development or serve as the complete backbone of your organization’s educational resources. We offer flexibility in training methods and locations often meeting at any of our state-of-the-art UConn facilities throughout the State of Connecticut or at your organization’s chosen venue.

About Us

In today’s challenging business environment, even the most skilled managers and executives need advanced training and education to successfully manage and lead complex organizations. As an employer, investing in the professional advancement of your human capital can help secure a sustainable competitive advantage by preparing your talent to make educated and strategic decisions to drive your organization’s future.

Strategic Partnerships & Successful Outcomes

The UConn Executive Education Program has developed key partnerships with global corporations to provide customized content to their employees. UConn’s experience in tailoring our research and academic curriculum to meet your organization’s specific learning and development needs, combined with our unique ability to deliver value-added content through live in-person, virtual live, and online asynchronous channels has led to highly successful outcomes for our partners.

Innovative Delivery Solutions

The UConn Executive Education Program offers innovative design and delivery solutions to meet your organization’s needs. Training can be held in traditional face-to-face environment, virtual-live, or online. We are experienced in customizing various delivery models to effectively reach your global workforce by delivering training whenever and wherever it is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who teaches in the Executive Education Program?

Our programs are led by award-winning University of Connecticut faculty as well as leading experts from various industries. Our facilitators incorporate cutting-edge research with real-world experience that results in highly engaging and impactful outcomes.

What is the cost?

The cost of our Executive Education programs varies based on a number of factors, including number of participants, content, customization, method of program delivery, and program length.

Who do I contact for additional information?

If you have additional questions or would like further information, please contact Meg Warren, Executive Director, Office of External and Alumni Engagement, at (860) 728-2438 or meg.warren@uconn.edu.