Ph.D. Students

UConn School of Business Ph.D. Students

Ph.D. Students

The majority of Ph.D. students at the UConn School of Business prepare for careers in higher education; therefore, most of their time is focused on acquiring sufficient expertise and experience in research, teaching and service to prepare for successful careers in academia.

Becoming skillful in scholarly writing is of paramount importance. Students are expected abide by appropriate codes of conduct; participate actively in departmental seminars, thesis/dissertation proposal and defense meetings, and professional conferences; participate consistently in research endeavors by assisting with faculty and graduate student research projects and by conducting one’s own research; present research papers at professional meetings; and publish in professional journals prior to graduation.

With respect to teaching, Ph.D. students are required to demonstrate the ability to teach subject matter in their respective areas of study and are expected to possess excellent spoken and written English language skills.

Service contributions round out the experience and can be directed to professional organizations (e.g. assisting or conducting reviews of manuscripts) or the general population, sharing expertise with community organizations and agencies via presentations, volunteer service, or leadership positions.