David Souder – Publications

David Souder, Associate Professor, Management

  1. David Souder. 2019. ‘Coordinating infrastructure changes to meet retiring baby boomers’ needs,’ forthcoming in the Handbook of Inclusive Innovation: The Role of Organizations, Markets and Communities in Social Innovation. Published by Edward Elgar, edited by Gerard George, Ted Baker, Paul Tracey, and Havovi Joshi.  2019 Ch11_Souder
  2. David Souder and Philip Bromiley. 2017. ‘Timing for dollars: How option exercisability influences resource allocation,’ Journal of Management, 43(8): 2555-2579.  Souder_Bromiley JOM 2017
  3. David Souder, Akbar Zaheer, Harry Sapienza, and Rebecca Ranucci. 2017. ‘How family influence, socioemotional wealth, and competitive conditions shape new technology adoption,’ Strategic Management Journal, 38(9): 1774-1790.  Souder_et_al-2016-Strategic_Management_Journal
  4. David Souder, Phil Bromiley, Scott Mitchell, and Greg Reilly. 2017. ‘Does investing for the long term pay off for firms?’ From Research to Practice section of Rutgers Business Review, 2(2): 191-198.  SSRN-id3014700_Rutgers Business Review
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  7. David Souder, Greg Reilly, and Rebecca Ranucci. 2015. ‘Bringing long-term thinking into business,’ a systematic review sponsored by the Network for Business Sustainabilityhttps://static1.squarespace.com/static/5d5156083138fd000193c11a/t/5d640a8999293800015c26ed/1566837390774/NBS-Long-Term-Thinking-SR.pdf
  8. Rebecca Ranucci and David Souder. 2015. ‘Facilitating tacit knowledge transfer: Routine compatibility, trustworthiness, and integration in M&As,’ Journal of Knowledge Management, 19(2): 257-276. Ranucci_Souder JKM-06-2014-0260
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