Congratulations Class of 2021!

From the Dean
As we celebrate the Class of 2021, Dean John A. Elliott shares his well wishes and advice for the class:












Student Speaker: Damon Reynolds '21

Damon Reynolds is an Accounting major and Data Analytics minor originally from Stafford, CT. He was a member of the Business Connections Learning Community, where he networked with UConn alumni and was certified in the Bloomberg Market Concepts. As a University Student Government senator representing the School of Business for two terms, he worked with local and state government officials as well as UConn leaders to advocate for greater mental health resources and legislation that would benefit all UConn students. He also served in an executive capacity as External Affairs Chair and as a representative on the University Senate Enrollment Committee. Damon’s enthusiasm led him to become a campus tour guide at the Lodewick Visitors Center. Within the Business School, Damon was heavily involved as a Career Intern in the Career Development Office helping his peers rewrite their resumes and master LinkedIn and Handshake. In the fall 2020 semester, Damon entered his role as an Instructional Assistant for Intro to Financial Accounting. Additionally, Damon served as a reviewer and preparer for VITA, where he assisted UConn students preparing their tax returns. In his free time, Damon enjoys walking his dogs, eating at Dog Lane Café, and listening to everything on Spotify. After graduation, Damon will join Deloitte Tax as a consultant in Boston, Mass.











The Class of 2021

Abbas – Falci

Fatima Abbas | Accounting
Erdit Abedini | Business Administration
Anthony Abramov | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Benjamin Adams | Accounting H
Jason Alaska | Real Estate and Urban Economic
Christian Alexis | Finance
Alexandra Alsup | Marketing
Hailey Altobelli | Management Information Systems
Mario Alvan | Financial Management
Ashwin Ambati | Finance § H
Joshua Ambresh | Accounting
Mekhi Amos | Management Information Systems
Xavier Amos | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Maria Angaramo | Accounting
Alyssa Annenberg | Finance
Connor Anstis | Business and Technology
Jake Aparo | Marketing
Georgia Apostolu | Marketing
Erica Arhin | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Rimsha Asif | Accounting
Margot Astorino | Management
Kyle Ayers | Accounting
Hakeem Badiru | Finance
Katteryn Baez | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Camila Baez Paez | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Allison Bajorinas | Finance
Jasmina Bajraktarevic | Business Administration
Minyi Bao | Management Information Systems
Colin Barlow | Management Information Systems H
Anthony Barnitz | Finance
Alexis Barra | Marketing
Jake Barrett | Marketing
Natalie Becker | Finance
Kent Bedoya | Financial Management
Catherine Bedson | Healthcare Management §
Rebecca Begemann | Marketing
Adrian Beldzinski | Management Information Systems
Caleb Benedict | Finance
Noa Ben-Hur | Accounting
Jacob Berardo | Marketing
Brendan Berg | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Jacqueline Berkoff | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Samuel Berkun | Finance
Sejal Bhargava | Finance H
Ryan Bilas | Accounting
Natalie Blimmel | Business and Technology
Connor Blodgett | Marketing
Katherine Blomstrann | Marketing
Nicole Bobbi | Accounting
Ross Bodington | Management
Oliver Bogan | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Richard Borecki | Finance
Jacob Bosman | Finance
Victoria Boudalis | Management
Savannah Bouzide | Marketing
Hunter Bowden | Management Information Systems
Malcolm Braren | Marketing
Sydney Brault | Real Estate and Urban Economic
Hannah Broderick | Finance H
Sean Brodeur | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Kate Burns | Finance
Kody Butler | Business Administration
Tanyia Bynum | Business and Technology
Eyline Cabrera | Business Administration
Emily Camera | Marketing
Samantha Campanaro | Business Administration
Madeline Campbell | Accounting
Lyndsay Candito | Accounting
Ian Cantrell | Finance
Jake Cappello | Accounting
Ryan Cappellucci | Finance
Austin Cappetta | Management
Casey Carbonaro | Marketing
Amanda Carducci | Business and Technology
Alec Carlone | Finance
Dante Carlone | Finance
Cory Carmon | Marketing
Matthew Carosielli | Management
Jake Carrara | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Madeline Cartwright | Accounting
John Casper | Financial Management
Daniel Castillo | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Justin Catalina | Finance
Matthew Cavanaugh | Accounting
Patrick Cella | Marketing
Brendan Cestari | Accounting †
Susan Chang | Management
Mariam Chaudhry | Business and Technology
Sekai Cheatham | Healthcare Management
Jiani Chen | Marketing
Xin Chen | Accounting
Xingyu Chen | Finance
Ziqi Chen | Finance
Ruixin Cheng | Management Information Systems
Hsin-Yu Chien | Accounting
Gwangsu Choi | Management Information Systems
Amrin Choudhury | Accounting
Jared Christensen | Management
Adrian Chrzanowski | Finance
Alexia Chrzanowski | Business Administration
Amy Chu | Marketing
Adrian Ciccaglione | Management
Michael Ciccarelli | Finance
Jack Ciccariello | Finance
Dakota Cipriano | Business Administration
Matthew Clarke | Finance
Rebecca Cohen | Accounting
Lindsay Colacurcio | Marketing
Calvin Colby | Finance
Xavier Cole | Real Estate and Urban Economic
Nicholas Colino | Financial Management
Katharine Colucci | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Henry Colwell | Management Information Systems
Allison Connolly | Marketing
Zachary Conover | Finance
Oscar Contreras | Financial Management
Gordon Cooke | Finance
Samuel Cortell | Management Information Systems *
Antonio Cosme-Plein | Finance
James Cossette Jr | Finance
John Coulter | Finance
Adam Cox | Accounting
Andreanna Crawford | Finance §
John Crotty | Finance
Bailey Crowe | Accounting
Emily Cucurello | Marketing
Kyra Cullerton | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
David Cuomo | Real Estate and Urban Economic
Nicholas Curley | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Emily Daddona | Healthcare Management
Jean-Luc Daigle | Finance
James D'Amico | Accounting H
Tanvi Dandekar | Accounting
Anthony D'Andrea | Marketing
Zachary Davidson | Accounting
Brittany Davis | Marketing
Danielle Davis | Accounting
Diona Davis | Marketing
Reid Davis | Finance
Kevin Dean | Management
Jarrett DeBowsky | Marketing
Purple Delos Reyes | Marketing
Arianna Denitto | Management
Bastian Dequeker | Finance
Parth Desai | Business and Technology
Raina Desai | Management
Erica Devin | Marketing
Sabrina Dibble | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Robert DiGiacomo | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Allyssa Digiovancarlo | Business Administration
Marcus Dion | Finance
Mark DiRusso | Real Estate and Urban Economic
Colombo Disalvatore IV | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Paul Ditommaso | Accounting
Nicholas Dobie | Finance
Kaitlyn Doery | Marketing
Dominika Dojnikowski | Financial Management
Vincent Dominguez | Marketing
Chelsea Donnelly | Accounting
Jared Donnelly | Finance
Liqi Du | Accounting
Philip Duddy | Finance
John Duenzl | Management Information Systems
Maia Dufane | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Elijah Dufour | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Ryan Dulaney | Accounting
Ryan Dunfee | Accounting
Zachary Dunkel | Finance
Kelsey Dunlap | Accounting
Kevin Dunst | Finance
Jack Dwyer | Marketing §
Bakr El-Mozraawi | Management Information Systems
Kaley Emmerich | Finance H
Kimberly Escobar | Finance
Cesar Espaillat Jr | Accounting
Thomas Esposito | Business and Technology
Taylor Ethier | Business and Technology
Bailie Evans | Marketing
William Evans | Business Administration
Victor Falci | Finance

Farkas – Lee

Julia Farkas | Accounting
Elizabeth Farrington | Healthcare Management H
Anthony Fazza Mattoso | Financial Management
Sarah Fede | Accounting
Rachel Fein | Management Information Systems
Yuzhen Kristine Feng | Management
Cristina Ferreira | Financial Management
Ryan Ferrucci | Finance
Curtis Fetteroll | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
James Ficaro | Finance
Kelly Finn | Finance H
Caitlyn Fitzmorris | Marketing
Lindsey Fleck | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Milagro Flores | Financial Management
Ryang Flores Bereche | Business Administration
Alexander Flug | Finance
Brendan Flynn | Finance H
Dylan Foley | Real Estate and Urban Economic
Joseph Fonicello | Marketing
Kyle Fontaine | Finance
Daniel Fontes | Financial Management
Philip Forde III | Accounting
John Fowler | Management Information Systems
William Franco | Finance
Steeve Francois | Financial Management
Matthew Frank | Accounting
Kelly Franklin | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Paige Freckleton | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Elizabeth Freire | Financial Management
Nadine Frey | Business Administration
Nicholas Furlow | Management Information Systems
Chandler Gabagat | Accounting
Scott Gaffney | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Dylan Gagne | Finance
Lenin Galarza | Marketing
Melissa Gamonal | Business Administration
Songlin Gao | Finance
Ziyi Gao | Finance
Eric Garces | Financial Management
Luis Garces | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Danielle Garnelis | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Juan Garzon-Moratto | Financial Management
Luis Gaytan | Business Administration
Alec Gereg | Finance
Sarina Gersten | Accounting
Briana Giacobbe | Accounting
Jolie Giacona | Marketing
Katherine Giguere | Finance
Isabelle Gillis | Marketing
William Ginn | Finance
Matthew Giordano | Management Information Systems *
Ryan Glenney | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Nicholas Godfred | Real Estate and Urban Economic
Samantha Golymbieski | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Yufei Gong | Accounting
Efrain Gonzalez | Accounting
Blanche Gorham | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Jack Graham | Marketing
Edward Graham III | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Justin Grant | Management
Michael Graves | Management Information Systems
Michael Greaves Jr | Marketing
Michael Greco | Management Information Systems
Joanna Green | Marketing
Matthew Grohocki Jr | Finance
Anna Grygorowicz | Business and Technology
Elizabeth Gurry | Accounting §
Katherine Handlmaier | Marketing
Michael Handlmaier | Finance
Olivia Hanisch | Accounting
Lydia Hanlon | Accounting
George Hanssen | Business and Technology
Yun Hao | Marketing
Nabilla Harahap | Business and Technology
Ana Hardiman | Marketing
Sarah Harinstein | Finance
Taylor Harkenrider | Finance
Gibson Harnett | Marketing H
Luke Harper | Marketing
Jacqueline Hart | Accounting
Michaela Hartl | Business Administration
Samantha Herrmann | Accounting †
Brandon Higgins | Finance
Catherine Hinshaw | Marketing
Monika Hlinka | Marketing
Hien Ho | Healthcare Management
Van Hoang | Healthcare Management §
Joseph Homan | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Mokarram Hossain | Finance
Nicole Howard Krog | Accounting
Jia Hu | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Yiyao Hu | Finance
Christi Huang | Marketing
Guanhua Huang | Finance
Jingyi Huang | Finance
Mingbo Huang | Finance
Muwen Huang | Accounting
Sam Huang | Management Information Systems H
Yu Huang | Marketing
Haoxiang Huang | Marketing
Casey Huffman | Finance
Benjamin Hufnagel | Accounting
Matthew Hultgren | Accounting
Ethan Hushin | Management Information Systems
Mitchell Ives | Finance
Lily Jackson | Accounting
Nicholas Jackson | Accounting
Andrew Jacob | Management
Sheng Ji | Marketing
Jun Jiang | Accounting
Qianyi Jiang | Finance
Meredith Johnson | Marketing §
Glen Kaelin | Finance
Michelle Kahn | Healthcare Management
Syed Kaleem | Business and Technology
Rachel Kallely | Management Information Systems
Vaishali Kanamalla | Finance H
Hassan Kani | Business and Technology
Mihir Kantaria | Business and Technology
Carson Karanian | Business Administration
Elvira Karidis | Marketing
Mateen Karimi | Management H
Alexia Karipidis | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Hillary Karl-Otto | Marketing
Kristina Kasper | Real Estate and Urban Economic
Varun Katari | Finance
Zavier Kaufman | Financial Management
Mahlee Kefor | Accounting
Justin Keish | Finance
Daniel Kelemen | Business and Technology
John Kelleher | Accounting
Brendan Kelley | Marketing
Alexander Kells | Management
Amare Kelly | Management Information Systems
Austin Kelly | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Erin Kelly | Finance
Kathleen Kelly | Marketing
Jesse Kendler | Management Information Systems
James Kenefick | Management
Ayisha Khan | Business Administration
Hannan Khan | Business and Technology
Muhammad Khan | Business Administration
Sania Khan | Business Administration
Zenab Khan | Accounting
Rabia Khawaja | Finance
You Chheng Kim | Financial Management
Ethan Kimaru | Marketing
Elizabeth Kindt | Marketing
Daquan King | Management
Asmir Klempic | Business Administration
Sabina Kmiec | Financial Management
Rachel Knauerhase | Finance
Yuika Kominami | Management
Steven Koripsky | Marketing
Bryan Koski-Bissonnette | Management
Elizabeth Kozyi | Finance
Zheng Kuang | Finance
Naureen Kurji | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Kacey Kwon | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Youngho Kwon | Management Information Systems
Anastasios Kydes | Management Information Systems H
Matthew Labella | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Samantha Lacy | Marketing
Lisa Lafferty | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Charles Lage | Finance
Matthew Lally | Accounting
Anna-Maria Lampe-Onnerud | Marketing
Matthew Landry | Accounting
Paul Anton Lapaan | Accounting
Joseph Lapreay | Finance
Tyler Lasicki | Finance H
Sherman Lau | Business Administration
Grace Lauber | Accounting H
Nicholas Laudati | Accounting § H
Lucia Laudato | Accounting
Sarah Lawton | Accounting †
Long Le | Accounting
Julian Lebel | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Sorah Lee | Marketing
Suk Hoon Lee | Marketing

Lemoine – Robinson

Fiona Lemoine | Business and Technology
Cole Leveston | Management
Jiayi Li | Accounting
Ting Li | Finance
Xinran Li | Management Information Systems
Yan Li | Finance
Yan Li | Finance
Yibo Li | Marketing
Rui Lin | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Yi-Hsuan Lin | Management
Chenmei Liu | Accounting
David Liu | Accounting H
Yuxing Liu | Accounting
Eric Loconto | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Laura London | Finance §
Randall Louie | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Bridget Loura | Marketing
Mason Love | Marketing
Raymond Lu | Management Information Systems
Ziqi Lu | Finance
Paul Luchansky | Marketing
Jessica Lundgren | Marketing
Zhaoming Luo | Finance
Jun Lv | Finance
Aicha Ly | Business Administration
Myhang Ly | Business Administration
Tianshu Lyu | Accounting
Chiara Ma | Marketing
Ruijun Ma | Accounting
Tiange Ma | Marketing
Yue Ma | Accounting
Joshua Macchi | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Michael Mack | Finance
Meaghan Mackay | Real Estate and Urban Economic
Alexander Macphee | Management
Shannon Maguire | Management §
Kayla Maitland | Business Administration
Laine Makoul | Healthcare Management H
Yusuf Malik | Management Information Systems H
Aishwarya Mammayil | Finance H
Christopher Manfredi | Business and Technology
Jacqueline Manno | Marketing
Mitchell Manware | Healthcare Management
Xuanya Mao | Financial Management
Abigail Marshall | Finance H
Gabriel Martinez | Financial Management
Joseph Mascaro | Finance
Elena Masotta | Management Information Systems
Liza Mathew | Business Administration
Andrea Mati | Financial Management
Nolan McAndrew | Marketing H
James McCabe | Finance
Anna McCarthy | Management Information Systems
Christie McCarthy | Business Administration
Michael McCarthy | Accounting
Willem McCusker | Finance
Taylor McGrail | Marketing
Jake McGuire | Management
Katherine McGuire | Marketing
Devon McShane | Finance
Malika Mehndiratta | Management Information Systems
Alexandra Meropoulos | Marketing
Michael Meyer | Finance
Kayla Michaels | Finance
Samuel Micinilio | Marketing *
Jason Miklas | Accounting
Brandon Milich | Finance
Logan Miller | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Maxwell Miller | Finance H
John Mindek III | Marketing
Lorena Minja | Accounting
Annika Moberg | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Rachel Montesi | Accounting
Theresa Montoni | Business and Technology
Julia Moody | Management Information Systems
Colvert Moore | Real Estate and Urban Economic
Taylor Moore | Healthcare Management
Amanda Morelli | Business Administration
Daniela Moreno Sanchez | Business and Technology
Matthew Morganti | Finance
Courtney Morris | Accounting
Robert Mosley | Finance H
Linlin Mu | Accounting
William Mudlaff | Finance H
Neha Muktadir | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Jenna Mulett | Management Information Systems H
Amy Mulla | Management Information Systems
Cameron Munroe | Financial Management
Christopher Munzer | Finance
John Murphy | Finance
Shreya Murthy | Finance H
Amina Naddschar | Business Administration
Nova Nahiyan | Business and Technology
Alexander Naoum | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Dominic Nastri | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Nivedha Natchiappan | Healthcare Management H
Amelia Navarro | Business Administration
Brianna Nedjoika | Accounting
Nicholas Nemphos | Accounting
Vishwa Nesadia | Management Information Systems
Jose Netto | Financial Management
Michael Newton | Accounting
Katie Nguyen | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Nhi Nguyen | Finance
Ryan Nicoletti | Marketing
Marko Nikolic | Business Administration
Garrett Noonan | Finance
Timothy Noto | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Jennie Novak | Marketing
Alexandra Nugent | Marketing
Nickolas Ocasio | Finance
Shane O'hare | Management
Timothy Oliveira | Financial Management
Bret Olson | Accounting H
Miguel Orellana | Business Administration
Karen Ortiz | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Damaris Osorio | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Jonathon Paes | Marketing
Emma Palomba | Accounting
Jason Pandell | Business Administration
Bradley Papp | Accounting
George Pappas | Management
Meghan Partesano | Marketing
Malik Pascal | Financial Management
Anuja Patel | Finance
Arya Patel | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Janjer Patel | Finance
Ohm Patel | Finance
Vishal Patel | Healthcare Management
Matthew Pauly | Management Information Systems
Faith Pease | Marketing
Alexander Pecoraro | Finance
Alec Pelletier | Finance
Maria Pendarakis | Finance
Christos Perdikis | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Christopher Perez | Management
Dean Perkins | Management
Marcus Permatteo | Finance
Kevin Perrone | Real Estate and Urban Economic
Nicholas Perry | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Isabelle Peterson | Finance H
Jenna Pethybridge | Management
Eleni Petridis | Finance
Julia Petrillo | Finance
Cameron Phillips | Marketing
Katherine Piccorelli | Finance
Michael Piechota | Finance
Noah Pires | Accounting
Olivia Pizzo | Marketing
Ryan Polistena | Finance § H
Stephanie Polistena | Marketing * §
Nicholas Porebski | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Ryan Porter | Financial Management
Ahsen Pothiawala | Healthcare Management
Peter Poulin Jr | Business Administration
Emily Pulzello | Marketing
Abigail Pyenson | Finance
Kashif Qadri | Accounting
Junwen Qu | Finance
Yingru Qu | Finance
Lauren Quaratella | Management Information Systems
Michael Quint | Finance
Christopher Raccuia | Finance
Courtney Radzinsky | Management
Kristen Raffia | Finance
Ashutosh Ranjeet | Accounting
Nicholas Rappi | Marketing
Connor Ratte | Management
Daniel Raya | Management
Jamie Reale | Marketing
Anirudh Reddy | Accounting
Amber Rehman | Management Information Systems
Damon Reynolds | Accounting
Amy Rhodes | Accounting
Shawn Rice | Finance
Christal Riley | Business Administration
Jake Riley | Finance
Jerry Rispoli | Business Administration
Emily Rivoira | Management
Erica Robinson | Business and Technology

Rodrigue – Zyla

Jeffrey Rodrigue Jr | Accounting
Amanda Rodriguez | Management
Gleimy Rodriguez | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Mario Rojas | Financial Management
Rachel Roncaioli | Accounting †
Emma Rosa | Management
Donato Rosales | Finance
Jonas Rothman | Finance
Mitchell Roy | Financial Management
James Royce | Business Administration
Daisy Rozario | Marketing
Steven Ruegg | Financial Management
Omar Ruizesparza | Business Administration
Jack Rupff | Finance
Marcus Russell | Financial Management
Isabella Ryder | Healthcare Management
Mercedes Sabel | Marketing H
Vanya Sagam | Management Information Systems
Nathan Salm | Finance
Dylan Salvatore | Business Administration
Logan Salyards | Finance
Carmen Sanz | Business and Technology *
John Sarandrea | Finance H
Emilie Saulter | Management
Sylvia Savoia | Business and Technology
Zachary Schaedler | Finance
Ciro Schiavo | Accounting † H
Kristen Schick | Accounting
Daniel Schmedlin | Management
Dawn Schmidt | Management Information Systems
Delaney Schottland | Accounting
Caitlin Schramm | Finance
Nathan Schultz | Finance
Jacquelyn Schwarz | Marketing
Elliot Scott | Finance
Blake Semnoski | Management
Joseph Serignese Jr | Accounting
Joshua Sevell | Marketing
Xingyu Shang | Accounting
Emma Sheahan | Management
Nefeli Shehaj | Accounting
Uzair Sheikh | Finance
Kimberly Simko | Finance
Alyssa Singh | Financial Management
Kayla Sinkevitch | Accounting
Brendan Sirois | Finance
Ava Sisson | Management Information Systems
Eryk Skowronski | Accounting
Iveya Slavova | Accounting
Nicholas Smeriglio | Management H
Jason Smith | Business and Technology
Earl Snyder III | Financial Management
Noah Sobel-Pressman | Management H
Nishanth Sode | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Andre Sofair | Finance
Zachary Solomon | Accounting *
John Somers | Accounting
Jihae Son | Finance
Jiaying Song | Accounting
Eshan Sonpal | Marketing
Gabriella Soper | Finance
Aedan Spaar | Management Information Systems
Jennifer Spadaro | Finance
Rodrick Spence | Business Administration
Jennie Sprung | Business Administration
Sachin Srinivasa | Finance
Courtney Stewart | Management
Jacob Stockman | Marketing
Kayla Studwell | Accounting
Hannah Suarez | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Steven Sunding | Accounting
Kiera Sutch | Marketing
John Sutera | Marketing H
Julia Swiatek | Marketing
Hassan Sylla | Financial Management
Jakub Szwakob | Business and Technology
Mateusz Szypulski | Financial Management
Cristopher Tantimonico | Business Administration
Andrew Taylor | Management Information Systems
Cailin Tennis | Management H
Devanshi Thakkar | Finance
Stephen Tiberio Jr | Management Information Systems
Lily Tofel | Marketing
Christian Tolman | Finance
Jack Torrealba | Business and Technology
Jeremy Toscano | Finance
Michael Toscano | Accounting
Alex Tow | Marketing
Andrew Tran | Management Information Systems
Samantha Traunfeld | Business Administration
Kamya Trivedi | Finance H
Rita Tsafack-Tonleu | Finance
Susan Twiss | Marketing
Maaz Uddin | Accounting
Alexandra Urban | Accounting
Joshua Vallera | Accounting
Christopher Van Der Els | Marketing
Cristian Vasquez | Finance
Andres Velastegui | Financial Management
Sophie Velez | Finance
Brendon Vieira | Financial Management
Gregory Villard | Business Administration
Vasu Viroja | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Ronald Visciglia | Financial Management
Spencer Vlandis | Finance
Katherine Volyanik | Business and Technology
Thu Vu | Management
Garrett Waldner | Finance
Justice Walker | Accounting
Tanner Walker | Finance
Aidan Walsh | Finance
Kathleen Walsh | Marketing
Anna Wang | Finance H
Jordan Wang | Finance H
Tongyao Wang | Finance
Xiran Wang | Finance
Yexiu Wang | Accounting
Yidi Wang | Management Information Systems
Yuxuan Wang | Finance
Zongqi Wang | Management Information Systems H
Natiya Washer | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Benjamin Weyman | Finance
Amanda Whalen | Management
Dolores White | Marketing
Emily White | Accounting
Cailin Whitehead | Management Information Systems
Jason Wilkerson | Management
Hunter Williams | Management
Evan Willson | Marketing
Taylor Winzer | Management
Hollis Wivell | Finance H
Kerry Wolff | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Jack Wood | Accounting
Kathryn Wood | Financial Management
Jiahao Wu | Management Information Systems
Jiaxin Wu | Business and Technology
Jinqian Xie | Finance
Yujia Xie | Finance
Jiahao Xu | Finance
Kexin Xu | Finance
Jingke Yang | Management Information Systems
Ruibo Yang | Marketing
Aaron Yao | Finance
Dongying Yao | Accounting
Michael Yates | Real Estate and Urban Economic §
Zuhui Ye | Finance
Tyler Yeomans | Accounting
Shane Young | Finance
Ruofan Yu | Finance
Nicholas Zanyk-Dittenhoffer | Finance
Jessica Zaput | Accounting
Lukasz Zduniak | Financial Management
Benjamin Zekowski | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing
Leah Zezima | Digital Marketing and Analytics
Travis Zezima | Financial Management
Trevor Zezima | Business and Technology
Qian Zha | Finance
Chaoran Zhang | Management Information Systems
Chenming Zhang | Healthcare Management
Han Zhang | Finance
Shiping Zhang | Management Information Systems
Shiyun Zhang | Finance
Weiqi Zhang | Finance
Xinyi Zhang | Finance
Jing Zhao | Accounting
Jia Wen Zheng | Business and Technology
Yili Zheng | Management
Li Zhou | Accounting
Fan Zhu | Finance
Yukang Zhu | Marketing
Molly Zimmer | Finance
Ajshe Zulfi | Healthcare Management H
Yunqian Zuo | Management Information Systems
Courtney Zwarg | Finance
Lily Zych | Accounting
Michal Zyla | MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing

Honors Theses

The University of Connecticut Honors Program recognizes outstanding students who have successfully completed honors courses of unusual breadth and depth, as well as a thesis or service project in their major field.

Benjamin Adams, Accounting
Thesis Advisor: Nell D’Auria
“Assessing Leadership in Business - Accounting: A Critical Investigation of Elon Musk”

Ashwin Ambati, Finance
Thesis Advisor: Nell D'Auria
“Assessing Leadership in Business – Finance: A Critical Investigation of Bill Gates”

Colin Barlow, Management Information Systems
Thesis Advisor: Craig Calvert
“Statistical Analysis of Current Trends in the National Basketball Association”

Sejal Bhargava, Finance
Thesis Advisor: Nell D'Auria
“Assessing Leadership in Business – Finance : A Critical Investigation of Mark Zuckerberg”

Hannah Broderick, Finance
Thesis Advisor: Nell D'Auria
“Assessing Leadership in Business – Finance: A Critical Investigation of Mary Dillon”

James D'Amico, Accounting
Thesis Advisor: Stephen Brown
“Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Restatements”

Kaley Emmerich, Finance
Thesis Advisor: Paul Gilson
“Modern Technology and Communication Platforms Influence on the Stock Market”

Elizabeth Farrington, Health Care Management
Thesis Advisor: William Pace
“The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Telemedicine: Patient Satisfaction on Access and Quality of Care”

Kelly Finn, Finance
Thesis Advisor: Nell D'Auria
“Assessing Leadership in Business – Finance: A Critical Investigation of Jamie Dimon”

Brendan Flynn, Finance
Thesis Advisor: Nell D'Auria
“Assessing Leadership in Business – Finance: A Critical Investigation of Mark Parker”

Gibson Harnett, Marketing
Thesis Advisor: Nell D'Auria
“Assessing Leadership in Business – Marketing: A Critical Investigation of Mark Cuban”

Sam Huang, Management Information Systems
Thesis Advisor: Jonathan Moore
“Internet of Things and Network Security: Concerns, Analysis, and Mitigation”

Vaishali Kanamalla, Finance
Thesis Advisor: Liping Qiu
“Exploring an Alternative to IPOs: Special-Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs)”

Mateen Karimi, Management
Thesis Advisor: Kevin Thompson
“Middle Eastern Cultural Center Development”

Anastasios Kydes, Management Information Systems
Thesis Advisor: Jonathan Moore
“Leveraging Baseball Data to Determine the Likelihood of First Time Minor League Call-Ups”

Tyler Lasicki, Finance
Thesis Advisor: Yiming Qian
“The Rise of Alternative Early Stage Financing Methods and What they Mean for Startups”

Grace Lauber, Accounting
Thesis Advisor: Alina Lerman
“Impact of ASU 2016-14 on Not-for-Profit Operating Cash Flow Presentation”

Nicholas Laudati, Accounting
Thesis Advisor: Carlos Fernandez Varela
“The Coronavirus Pandemic's Impact on Effective Internal Controls”

David Liu, Accounting
Thesis Advisor: Steven Utke
“Tax Efficient Supply Chains: Analysis of Multinational Corporations with Swiss Subsidiaries”

Laine Makoul, Health Care Management
Thesis Advisor: William Pace
“The Evolving Provider-Patient Relationship in the Digital Age”

Yusuf Malik, Management Information Systems
Thesis Advisor: Stephen Fitzgerald
“The Merits of a Contactless Medical Payments Microfinancing Point of Sales Solution”

Aishwarya Mammayil, Finance
Thesis Advisor: Alexander Amati
“How Differences in Political Structures Affect Financial Markets in the State of Jammu & Kashmir, India”

Abigail Marshall, Finance
Thesis Advisor: Stephen Park
“Student Loan Market and the Rising Student Debt Level”

Nolan McAndrew, Marketing
Thesis Advisor: Nell D'Auria
“Assessing Leadership in Business – Marketing: A Critical Investigation of Reed Hastings”

Maxwell Miller, Finance
Thesis Advisor: Jeffrey Cohen
“The Microfinance Experiment: An Evaluation of Program Effectiveness in St. Louis”

Robert Mosley, Finance
Thesis Advisor: Nell D'Auria
“Assessing Leadership in Business – Finance: A Critical Investigation of Steve Jobs”

William Mudlaff, Finance
Thesis Advisor: Paul Gilson
“Rewarding Liquidity: Why the Airlines Tapped Their Loyalty Programs for Liquidity and What Comes Next”

Jenna Mulett, Management Information Systems
Thesis Advisor: Nell D'Auria
“Assessing Leadership in Business – Management Information Systems: A Critical Investigation of Jeff Bezos”

Shreya Murthy, Individualized: Criminology
Thesis Advisor: David Richards
“Working Toward a Safer Future: Mitigating the Effects of Regulatory Capture in the Aviation Industry”

Nivedha Natchiappan, Health Care Management
Thesis Advisor: William Pace
“Viewing Insulin Through a Value-Based Care Lens: A Financial Analysis of Increasing Insulin Affordability for Uninsured Diabetic Populations”

Bret Olson, Accounting
Thesis Advisor: Alina Lerman
“Auditing in the Federal Republic of Germany”

Isabelle Peterson, Finance
Thesis Advisor: Nell D'Auria
“Assessing Leadership in Business- Finance: A Critical Investigation of Warren Buffet”

Ryan Polistena, Finance
Thesis Advisor: Nell D'Auria
“Assessing Leadership in Business – Finance: A Critical Investigation of Marc Benioff”

Mercedes Sabel, Marketing
Thesis Advisor: Nell D'Auria
“Assessing Leadership in Business – Marketing: A Critical Investigation of Susan Wojcicki”

John Sarandrea, Finance
Thesis Advisor: Nell D'Auria
“Assessing Leadership in Business – Finance: A Critical Investigation of Tim Cook”

Ciro Schiavo, Accounting
Thesis Advisor: Nell D'Auria
“Assessing Leadership in Business – Accounting: A Critical Investigation of Robert Iger”

Nicholas Smeriglio, Management
Thesis Advisor: Kyoungjo Oh
“Chemistry, Creativity, and Leadership: Why some Rock Bands stay together and some break up”

Noah Sobel-Pressman, Management
Thesis Advisor: David Noble
“UConntrepreneurship: An Analysis of the Pathway of UConn Talent and Startups to Local Entrepreneurship Hot Spots”

John Sutera, Marketing
Thesis Advisor: Nell D'Auria
“Assessing Leadership in Business – Marketing: A Critical Investigation of Daniel Ek”

Cailin Tennis, Management
Thesis Advisor: Travis Grosser
“Women in Leadership: Self Efficacy in Women Leaders”

Kamya Trivedi, Finance
Thesis Advisor: Nell D'Auria
“Assessing Leadership in Business – Finance: A Critical Investigation of Julie Sweet”

Anna Wang, Finance
Thesis Advisor: Alexander Amati
“Social Media Sentiment and the Stock Market”

Zongqi Wang, Management Information System
Thesis Advisor: Nell D'Auria
“Assessing Leadership in Business – Management Information Systems: A Critical Investigation of Ingvar Kamprad”

Jordan Wang, Finance
Thesis Advisor: Liping Qiu
“The Impact of Crises on the Shift in Capital Flows from Active to Passive Investment Strategies”

Hollis Wivell, Finance
Thesis Advisor: Paul Gilson
“Discrimination in the Loan Market: The Vicious Cycle of Historical Biases Continual Influence on the Oppression of Socioeconomic Mobility”

Ajshe Zulfi, Healthcare Management
Thesis Advisor: William Pace
“Physician Mistrust Amongst Black Patients and the Potential Role of Medical Debt Lawsuits”

Some Parting Thoughts from
the Class of 2021