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This calendar shows events from the School of Business along with all of the departments it manages.

  1. 8/1Summer Fellowship Finale
  1. 8/6Graduate Business Infosessions - Downtown Hartford Campus
  1. 8/7Huskies for Life Alumni Blood Drive
  1. 8/7Graduate Business Infosessions at our Stamford Campus
  1. 8/21Graduate Business Infosessions - Waterbury Campus

This calendar includes events from: Accelerate UConn, Accounting Department, Business Career Center, Business Connections House, CCEI, Center for Real Estate and Urban Economic Studies, CIBER, Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities, Finance Department, Full Time MBA Program, Full Time MBA Students, Graduate Business Programs, Management Department, Marketing Department, MSBAPM, OPIM, Office of Diversity Initiatives, School of Business, School of Business Stamford, School of Business Alumni, Office of Undergraduate Advising, PTMBA, Ph. D., SCOPE, Stamford Learning Accelerator, Student Managed Fund, Workforce Capacity Development

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