Thank you for submitting the event intake form.

Next Steps:

  1. Send out an invite for an Initial Concept Meeting with key stakeholders. The initial concept meeting is a general discussion of the event that allows for articulation of the purpose and goals, target audience, audience size, event format, speaker(s), resources needed (staffing, budget, etc.), desired dates, etc.

    Key Stakeholders:
    External and Alumni Engagement – Meg Warren, Michael Deotte
    Marketing and Communications – Bill Eyre, Melissa Ferrigno, Scott Slater
    Information Technology – Mat Krest, Alexander del Campo
    Facilities – Rebecca Vicki (Storrs), John Rhoads, Misty Solomon (GBLC)
    Fiscal (Optional, if funding is required) – Rachel Greene, Carleen Morneau
  2. Review event resources and guidelines.
    The Event Master Planner provides a detailed outline and timeline of the event planning process, from initial idea to event completion and follow-up. The accompanying Departmental Support Checklists provide detailed questions and checklists you will need to provide. Review of these documents prior to the Initial Concept Meeting will help facilitate the meeting discussion.
  3. Direct any questions to