Spring 2018 Research Newsletter

Message from Sulin Ba, Associate Dean of Research

Hello colleagues,

Spring has arrived in Connecticut and, with it a renewed sense of excitement, growth and accomplishment both in our classrooms and through our research commitment. I would like to share with you some of our recent milestones.

OPIM Professor Shu He, UConn School of Business

Social Media Strategy During an Industry Crisis

OPIM Professor Shu He studies the savvy social media tactics that boosted the airline industry following a devastating crash. Read More→

Disclosing Too Much Info Can Harm a Company's Competitive Edge, Study Shows

Disclosing Too Much Info Can Harm a Company’s Competitive Edge

Accounting Professor Ying Zhou analyzes how strict accounting laws can ultimately harm a firm's competitive position by forcing disclosure of proprietary information. Read More→

How Visual Technologies Influence Virtual Teams

How Visual Technologies Influence Virtual Teams

Marketing Professor Nicholas Lurie has found that visual technologies foster persuasion, agreement among virtual teams. Read More→

Equity Misvaluation

Equity Misvaluation

Finance Professor Assaf Eisdorfer finds that equity misvaluation is, at least partly, driven by investors' failure to fully recognize and adequately price the optionality of equity. Read More→