2020 Commencement Video

To our graduating seniors: this is our chance to celebrate you, honor your achievements, and highlight your favorite memories as you prepare to graduate from the UConn School of Business. The process is simple:

Step 1: Take Your Video

Take a short video (about 15-30 seconds) telling us about your time here and send it in to be a part of a crowd-sourced commencement video. We’re looking for videos where you:

  • Thank faculty, staff, friends, or family
  • Tell us about your favorite memories and the best parts of being at UConn or being a School of Business student
  • Talk about how you felt arriving at UConn or how you feel as you are graduating
  • Discuss life lessons learned during your time here
  • We will also accept a handful of submissions from your loved ones sending you off with an encouraging message.

Video Tips

  • If you have a cap and gown, we'd love to see you in it. If not, try to wear some UConn apparel.
  • Please record videos horizontally .
  • Please take the video in a well-lit environment (aka not backlit. Do not take a video with a bright light source behind you)
  • Please stay somewhat close for the video and annunciate your words so we can hear you clearly.

Step 2: Upload Your Video

Use the form below to send us your submission. You will need to upload your video using UConn’s Dropbox and copy/paste the link below.

We will assemble a short video from the submitted clips. We'll do our best to include as many clips as possible, but not everything will ultimately end up in the video.

For video questions, please email our media producer at nathan.oldham@uconn.edu.

Your Photos Are Welcome, Too.

Share photos of your favorite UConn memories and experiences. Bonus points if they're tied to the School of Business.

Please submit images, along with your name and a quick description of the picture, to nathan.oldham@uconn.edu