Fall 2018 Research Newsletter

Message from Sulin Ba, Associate Dean of Research

Hello Colleagues,

There are many problems that business researchers can help solve, from improving the global supply chain to creating clean energy and livable cities. At the University of Connecticut School of Business, we are committed to cutting-edge research that has the potential to impact our world in new and exciting ways.

Professor Brown's research focuses on unlocking the commitments and connections that foster success for corporate board members.

Creating the Strongest Board of Directors

Accounting Professor Anna Bergman Brown explores the guiding principles of choosing a strong board candidate.
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Disclosing Too Much Info Can Harm a Company's Competitive Edge, Study Shows

How Can We Get Your Attention?

OPIM Professor Jing Peng identifies the key components to a cost-effective social media campaign. Read More→

Do I Really Know You?

‘Do I Really Know You—And Does It Matter?’

Management Professors Lucy Gilson and John Mathieu lay out what it takes to foster improved working partnerships in a team. Read More→

Value Stock Performance

Understanding Value Stock Performance

Finance Professor Fan Yang has developed a new model that offers an explanation of how value stocks can outperform others. Read More→