Distinguished Fellow Award

Professor Ram Gopal
Professor Ram Gopal, recipient of the Information Systems Society’s Distinguished Fellow Award (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)

Professor Ram D. Gopal Noted for Intellectual Leadership, Stewardship, Impactful Research

Professor and OPIM Department Head Ram D. Gopal has received the prestigious Information Systems Society’s Distinguished Fellow Award, recognizing his intellectual leadership, stewardship and impactful research.

“This is like winning the ‘Nobel Prize’ for information systems,” said Gopal, beaming after collecting his award on Nov. 2 at a conference in Philadelphia. Continue reading

Scholarly Recognition

Two OPIM Ph.D. Candidates, One Alumna Achieve Noteworthy Accomplishments

Two UConn OPIM Ph.D. students and a recent program alumna have achieved noteworthy accomplishments in recent weeks.

Alumna Lei (Michelle) Wang ’14 Ph.D., assistant professor at Penn State University, received the 2015 Nunamaker-Chen Dissertation Award at the Conference on Information Systems and Technology–INFORMS Conference 2015 for her research titled, “Three Essays on the Interface of Location-Based Services, Consumers’ Shopping Behavior and Firms’ Marketing Strategy.” The award recognizes and rewards outstanding dissertation research by scholars in the field of information systems.

A panel of judges composed of senior faculty members from top information systems academic departments review the submissions. Dissertations are evaluated based creativity and novelty, scope and magnitude of contribution to IS research, relevance to practice, technical quality, and richness of methodological approach. “She was an outstanding student and is an up-and-coming leader in the field,” said Ram Gopal, department head.

At the same conference, fourth-year OPIM Ph.D. student Brian Lee’s paper titled “Irrationality of Crowds: Information Accuracy and Consistency in Prediction Markets” was nominated for the Best Conference Paper as well as the Best Student Paper Award.

Meanwhile, fourth-year OPIM Ph.D. student Xu Han’s paper titled “Empirical Investigation on the Prevalence of Manipulation in Nursing Homes’ Rating System” was awarded the National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation Grant. Han worked on the paper with Niam Yaraghi at The Brookings Institution and Professor Ram Gopal, as part of his dissertation. “It’s a prestigious and highly selective grant program and this speaks well to the quality of Xu’s work,” Gopal said. The grant will provide summer support for Xu to continue his research.

Research Seminar with Robin Soster, University of Arkansas

Recently, the Marketing Department invited Professor Robin Soster from the University of Arkansas to speak about her research. Professor Soster presented a paper titled, “How cost reclassification can reduce rumination on loss and eliminate the sunk cost effect in preliminary choice settings” on Friday, November 13. This research examines the effect of cost reclassification (i.e., reframing sunk costs as instrumental toward a newly-available alternative) on the propensity of Continue reading

The Best Quiz Ever!

This little quiz just might be the best one you will ever take! It is a just-for-fun opportunity to see how much you know about the School of Business, both present and past, as we celebrate our 75th anniversary. No exam stress for students. No grading deadlines for faculty. No need to review, hope for a generous ‘curve’ or cram all night long. Don’t you wish they could all be like this?

Ready, set, go!

If you want to learn more about the UConn School of Business through the years, consider purchasing the recently published book by Professor Rob Hoskin, History of the University of Connecticut School of Business Administration: 75 years on the road to excellence: 1940-2015.

Four Internships, Three Research Jobs, and Two Majors

Katie Cavanaugh
Katie Cavanaugh (Christine Buckley/UConn CLAS)

Scholarship Allows Student to Stretch Academically

Katie Cavanaugh ’17 only just started her junior year, but she has already done four internships and held three research positions. Oh, and she’s double majoring in political science and management information systems.

Cavanaugh has never held back academically. She is grateful for the scholarships she has gotten from UConn because they have allowed her to stretch.

“What the scholarships say to me is ‘we want you to focus 100 percent on yourself as a student and, really, as a professional,'” she says.

Continue reading

The $5 Challenge

Aspiring Entrepreneurs Use Money to Make Money

In his “Risks and Rewards of Entrepreneurship” course, management professor Timothy Folta gave student groups $5 and told them to use it as start-up cash for a new business. The project was designed to spur creativity around new business ideas.

Students had one week to brainstorm ideas, but once they received the cash, they had only two hours to make as much money as possible.

Interestingly, the group that made the most money did not even use the start-up funds. Continue reading

Attention to Detail

Medical Sales

UConn Professor Asks: Would Reducing Pharmaceutical Sales Calls to Physicians Help, or Harm, Patients?

When a pharmaceutical company sends a representative to your doctor’s office to promote a new or existing medication, is that a benefit to you as a patient? Would restricting those visits bring greater fairness to the pharmaceutical industry—or prevent your doctor from being well-informed about treatment options? Continue reading

The Winning Play

Bobby Puyol '16
Bobby Puyol ’16 (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)

UConn Football Kicker Bobby Puyol Hopes to Score A Sports Management Job after Completing Education

Imagine that you have 5 seconds to do your job—with 30,000 people watching, the wind blowing, and your team’s victory hinging on the accuracy of your kick.

For UConn place kicker Roberto “Bobby” Puyol ’16, the pressure and excitement adds to the thrill of the game.

“I love it. I think it’s so much fun. I go out there for five seconds and I’ve got to do my job,” said Puyol, a senior who is majoring in management, with a concentration in international business. Continue reading

Honoring Veterans 365 Days a Year

UConn’s Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans Helps Military Heroes Become Business Moguls

The UConn School of Business has a strong and proud history of serving the educational and career needs of military leaders and veterans, a tradition that dates back to its earliest days.

After WWII, the university offered business classes at Fort Trumbull in New London to serve returning GIs. The creation of a full-time MBA program on the Storrs campus in 1960, another milestone at the School of Business, occurred as a direct result of a contract to expand educational opportunities for members of the Air Force. Continue reading