Award-winning Professor Dick Kochanek’s Accounting Class Came with a Bonus: Great Advice for Living Life

“If the person next to you in class leans over and whispers, ‘I love you,’ you have to say: ‘Not until after class. I have to focus on Kochanek’s lecture now!'”

That’s one of the many witty remarks that Professor Richard “Dick” Kochanek has used to engage the 250 underclassmen in his “Principles of Financial Accounting” class.

Kochanek, who retired at the end of fall semester, is one of the most beloved and highly regarded professors at UConn. He has extremely high ratings from his students and is widely credited with turning their curiosity about accounting into a life-long career. Continue reading

Research Seminar with Suzanne Shu, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Suzanne Shu (centered) with Ph.D. Students Bin Li, Zahra Tohidinia, Lu Huang, and Qizhou Wang. (Nancy White/UConn School of Business)
Suzanne Shu (centered) with Ph.D. Students Bin Li, Zahra Tohidinia, Lu Huang, and Qizhou Wang. (Nancy White/UConn School of Business)

As part of Marketing Department Ph.D. student speaker series, Professor Suzanne Shu from UCLA Anderson School of Management gave a research presentation titled, “Risk, ownership, and loss in decumulation during retirement” on Friday January 29. This research seeks to better understand the psychological processes underlying Social Security claiming decisions. Specifically, higher perceived life expectations (which are subject to question framing), intertemporal impatience, loss aversion, and perceived ownership of SSA contributions are all significantly predictive of expressed preference for early versus late claiming. The findings of this research provide important insights for the continued design of interventions to help retirees make optimal individual retirement decisions. Continue reading

UConn Students Rise to the ‘Interview Challenge’

Interview Challenge participants enjoy dinner at Chuck & Augie's restaurant on December 8, 2015 (Juanita Austin/UConn School of Business)
Interview Challenge participants enjoy dinner at Chuck & Augie’s restaurant on December 8, 2015 (Juanita Austin/UConn School of Business)

The School of Business Undergraduate Career Development Office (UCDO) successfully hosted its first “Interview Challenge” in the fall semester. With prizes funded by a Target Corporation Campus Grant, students were challenged to participate in coaching to develop their professional interview skills. Over the course of one month, students who registered for the Interview Challenge had three tasks, or challenges, to complete.

The challenges were:

  1. Choose a random interview question from the “interview bowl” and answer it on the spot for a UCDO career counselor;
  2. Record an online interview utilizing InterviewStream; and
  3. Complete an in-person practice interview with a UCDO career counselor.

The goal of the program was to help students develop their interview skills and become aware of the services that UCDO offers, allowing them to feel more comfortable in the career development process.

For senior international exchange student Guzela Marisova, the Interview Challenged helped ease her fear of interviewing.

“UCDO challenge put me in a situation where I had to show my best in order to get a ‘job.’ What was really good about it, is that this situation was not stressful at all. Lorraine Liswell, who interviewed me, was a very nice and friendly interviewer who made me understand that I’m not in danger (as we are used to thinking while being interviewed),” said Marisova.

As a result of the program, 71% of the mock interviews that were conducted this semester were from students engaging in the Interview Challenge. These students included freshmen up to seniors, business and non-business majors, and first-time UCDO visitors. As a sidebar, another significant result of the program was that UCDO staff had the opportunity to meet business freshman, Seeyashree Sodani, who impressed us so much that we offered her a job in the department. We are happy to announce that she has accepted and will join our student career intern staff this spring semester.

All students who completed the challenge were invited to a dinner held at Chuck & Augie’s on December 8th. This business casual event was an informal and fun way to network with their peers, Target Executives and the UCDO Team to de-stress before finals.

“Not only was the interview challenge fun and helpful, but it was easier than I thought it would be. The staff is so approachable and really cares about helping each student, plus there was food afterwards!”

noted Evan Wexler, a Management and Engineering for Manufacturing junior.

This program would not have been possible without the support of Target Corporation. Over the last couple of years, Target’s Campus Grants have sponsored a number of career development events including:

  • Leadership Speaker Series—Spring and Fall 2014
  • Freshman/Sophomore Case Competition—Spring 2015
  • Intern Queen Presentation—Fall 2015
  • Interview Challenge—Fall 2015

UCDO would like to thank Target for their continued support and commitment to student development. The success of the Interview Challenge set the ground work for the program to be continued each year.

Advocates Say High-Speed Internet Key to Attracting Businesses

CT Post – No matter how much it spends on technology upgrades, Connecticut will never have a city like Boston.

But it can still make investments in hardware, software, networks and data facilities that would appeal to large companies, experts say, and might prevent the next General Electric from leaving — or help to bring in its replacement.

Global Recognition

UConn's Full-time MBA Program ranks among the top 100 in the world.

Financial Times: UConn’s MBA Program Ranks Among Best in the World

UConn’s MBA program has been ranked among the Top 100 in the world, according to a prestigious new report released today by Financial Times.

This is the first time that the program has received the honor in the short history of the report. UConn’s Full-time MBA program ranked No. 46 nationally (No. 19 among public institutions) and No. 96 in the world. The rankings were determined in part by responses from members of the Class of 2012, evaluating the program and its contribution to their career growth.

Continue reading

Professor Ramunni’s ‘Accordion Fever’

Paul Ramunni (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)
Smiling and calm, Paul Ramunni plays a polka on his favorite accordion, a Giuseppe Verde. (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)

Lessons in Patriotism, Family, Perseverance Resonate in Connecticut Accordion Museum

When Paul Ramunni was just 10 years old, his mother announced that he was going to learn to play the accordion.

His reaction was instant disdain.

“No Mom! Anything but that,” he said.

But his mother insisted, and play he did. He rarely practiced and, consequently, wasn’t very good. He considered the instrument a burden. Competitions were stressful. And, worse, it didn’t boost the social status of Ramunni, a glasses-wearing, Italian kid from Long Island. A few fights broke out on the school bus because of the teasing. Continue reading

Internationally Recognized Real Estate Firm Invests in Students

David J. Reilly teaches "Real Estate: The Practical Approach." (UConn School of Business)
David J. Reilly, former and now retired CEO of Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers, addresses students in the course, “Real Estate: The Practical Approach.” (UConn School of Business)

$1.4M Gift Gives Students Practical View of Real Estate Industry

An international real estate company is giving $1.4 million to the UConn School of Business’s highly-ranked Real Estate Center to continue offering a popular course that gives students a realistic, hands-on approach to real estate.

The gift from Hartford-based Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers will make the course, “Real Estate: The Practical Approach,” a permanent addition to the Center. Prior to 2015, Cornerstone executives had been teaching the course with UConn faculty on a trial basis for three years. Continue reading

UConn Shines at Northeast Intercollegiate Sales Competition

Tyler Elliot, Adam Lefkowitz, Instructor Bill Ryan, Beau Baker, and Dylan DeLeon
Tyler Elliot, Adam Lefkowitz, INST Bill Ryan, Beau Baker, and Dylan DeLeon

For 150 students interested in professional sales across the Northeast, the Northeast Intercollegiate Sales Competition (NISC) at Bryant University is the ultimate chance to prove their selling skills. This past November, four UConn students from the UCONN Program for Sales Leadership (PSL), Marketing Department, joined Marketing Instructor Bill Ryan to compete at NISC. William Baker ‘16, Dylan Deleon ’16, Tyler Elliott ’16, and Adam Lefkowitz ’16 competed in sales role plays with sales professionals that represented various companies, attended sales development seminars, and networked with 24 corporate sponsors. Other competitions involved social media and the classic elevator pitch. The students used their strongest persuasion abilities to convince corporate recruiters, managers, or vice presidents that they were the strongest job candidate.

Out of the 17 attending universities, UConn took third place for Overall Sales Team. William Baker, a senior finance major, won second place out of 150 students. He remarked, “It was a fantastic opportunity to get a chance to network with some great companies and individuals. Bryant put on a great competition, and I strongly recommend UConn students interested in professional sales to attend the next one.” About his second place standing, he said, “I’m very pleased with how I did at the competition, but there is always room for improvement.”

The UConn School of Business offers a Professional Sales Concentration for Marketing majors and a Professional Sales Minor for non-marketing business majors and non-business majors taking classes in the school of business. There are two marketing electives offered each semester – Professional Selling and Sales Management and Leadership. And, coupled with a sales internship over the summer, you can prepare yourself for a successful performance at a collegiate sales competition or a professional sales role after graduation!