Zeki Simsek

CEO Pride Goeth Before A Fall, Study Finds

Forbes – If former Lehman Brothers CEO Dick Fuld had taken a test that business school professors use to measure executive confidence, called Core Self-Evaluation, or CSE, he would likely have gotten a very high score, says Ciaran Heavey, a professor at the University of Dublin. Heavey is the co-author of a new paper entitled “Exuberance in the Corner Office: CEO Core Self-Evaluation and the Rise and Fall of Irish Firms, 2005-2009,” which will be presented at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management in early August.

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‘You Don’t Have to Know Everything’

Research Finds That When Top Executives Divide Responsibilities, Companies Fare Better

CEOs and other top executives can breathe a little easier now.

Contrary to popular belief, executive managers in small- to medium-sized firms don’t need to know every aspect of how the business operates, according to new research by UConn Management Professor Zeki Simsek and alumnus Ciaran Heavey ’09 Ph.D.Continue Reading

Creating a Better World

Social Enterprise Conference
Pictured L to R: School of Business Dean John Elliott and Jeff Brown, EVP at Newman’s Own Foundation.

Mission-Focused Businesses Subject of Recent Conference

Business partners Spencer Curry and Kieran Foran go to work at their FRESH Farm Aquaponics business in South Glastonbury every day, believing they’re one step closer to solving world hunger.

When Justin Nash was a Captain in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan, his soldiers looked to him for guidance. Now a civilian, he’s using those leadership traits at Til Duty is Done, an organization he created which seeks to provide housing, employment training and career opportunities for returning veterans. Til Duty is Done, Nash said, gives him a renewed sense of purpose.Continue Reading

Social Enterprise Conference


School of Business’ Social Enterprise Conference Attracting Leading Scholars, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

“We don’t hire people to bake brownies, we bake brownies to hire people,” boasts the website of Greyston Bakery of Yonkers, N.Y.

Recognized as one of the best social enterprise companies in the world, Greyston Bakery’s mission is to provide individuals with employment, skills and resources to lift them out of poverty.Continue Reading

White House Internship Incredible, Inspirational Says UConn Senior

How many student interns can say they attended a speech by President Obama, met several Cabinet Secretaries, and watched the Marine One helicopter land on the South Lawn of the White House?

David Rifkin, a UConn senior majoring in Business Management, has done all three, while spending this semester as a White House Intern, conducting research and writing reports for government officials.

Simultaneously, Rifkin is researching leadership styles of early presidents, as well as more recent administrations, as part of an independent research project. He plans to present his findings when he returns to campus in the spring semester.

“It is incredible to walk through the White House gates every morning on the way to work,” said the Glastonbury native. “It is truly inspirational to consider that I am working at the very same place as some of the greatest leaders in American history.

“The thrill has not remotely begun to wear off,” said Rifkin, who is also a member of the UConn Honors program. “I still feel the same magic that I did on the very first day.”

Rifkin is no stranger to public service. Last year, he interned for U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, and also at the international human rights organization Lawyers Without Borders. He has also been active in student government at UConn.

“I thought that an internship at the White House would take my government and public service interests to the highest level,” he said. “My experience as a White House Intern is incredible. To say I’m enjoying myself would be an understatement. The work is quite demanding, but no work I have ever done has been so rewarding.

“On a more personal level, I hope my White House Internship will give me insight into what career path I want to pursue professionally,” he said. “I also hope to further develop my leadership and professional skills, to prepare myself for future personal and career endeavors.”

Rifkin’s research project is under the supervision of Management Professor Zeki Simsek, who describes Rifkin as focused, engaged, mature, observant, reflective and professional.

“I suspect that he will uncover some intriguing contrasts, as well as commonalities among the U.S. presidents in terms of leadership variables, such as openness to new information, belief systems, interpersonal styles, motivation and more,” Simsek said. He has asked Rifkin to explore whether presidents tend to display a dominant leadership style or a multifaceted one, and whether their styles shape their job performance.

Although Rifkin isn’t yet ready to reveal what he’s learned, he looks forward to presenting his findings upon his return.

“I intend for my research to be of value to all those interested in what constitutes effective leadership,” he said. “I aim to become better informed, through my exploration, of what factors contribute to successful management style at the highest level, in a way that can be generalized to leadership positions in all areas from business to government.”

Rifkin said his UConn experiences, both academically and in student government, helped prepare him for his internship.

Asked whether it will be hard to go back to being a student again, Rifkin said no.

“Although a White House Internship is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I certainly miss college at the same time,” he said. “I think the skills gained from this internship will actually enhance my future academic experience. I don’t want this internship to end, but I look forward to being back with my college friends, attending classes, and, of course, watching UConn Basketball.”


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Honor, Wisdom, Earnestness: Faculty and Students Recognized for Academic Achievements

School of Business Awards and Honors
The best and brightest of UConn School of Business were honored Friday morning, April 25 at the 2014 School of Business Awards & Honors ceremony. Honorees, family and friends gathered in the Dave Ivry Seminar Classroom at the School of Business in Storrs for the annual celebration, where 2014 Student Hall of Fame Fellows were recognized, Ackerman Scholars were awarded, Faculty Awards were presented, and new members were officially inducted to the Beta Gamma Sigma honor society.Continue Reading

Three Management Professors and a Ph.D. Student Receive a Scholarly Impact Award for their research

The Journal of Management (JOM) reviews all articles published in JOM five years prior and awards the top five highest impact papers . All JOM papers published in 2006 were considered for the 2011 Scholarly Impact Awards. A committee of four Associate Editors considered each paper according to the following criteria:

  • Number of citations (both with and without self-citations)
  • The breadth and quality of the papers/journals citing each paper
  • Total downloads
  • Perceived quality and potential for continued impact

The committee explored who cited each paper–whether the papers are being cited by top journals, as well as whether the papers are having wide penetration. Then the committee considered the strength of each paper and its potential for continued contribution.

The University of Connecticut School of Business is honored to have a paper written by three of its professors and a Ph.D. graduate recognized by the JOM. The paper, titled “Ambidexterity and performance in small- to medium-sized firms: The pivotal role of top management team behavioral integration” was written by: Michael Lubatkin, Thomas John & Bette Wolff Family Chair in Strategic Entrepreneurship and Professor, Management Department; Zeki Simsek, Associate Professor and Ackerman Scholar, Management Department; Yan Ling, UConn Ph.D. graduate; John Veiga, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor and Northeast Utilities Chair in Business Ethics, Management Department.

Sage, SMA, and JOM will be recognizing this achievement at their annual board meeting at the Academy of Management conference. At this event, a Best Paper Prize will be awarded. The Best Paper Prize comes with a cash honorarium.

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Faculty Awards 2011

The Teaching and Research Committee at the University of Connecticut School of Business has met and evaluated the nominations for annual Faculty Awards.   The following winners were selected:

Best Paper:  (3-way tie)

Xue Bai and Manuel Nunez: “Managing Data Quality Risk in Accounting Information Systems” 
(with Jayant Kalagnanam), Information Systems Research

Xinxin Li: “Price Effects in Online Product Reviews: An Analytical Model and Empirical Analysis”   
(with Lorin M. Hitt), MIS Quarterly

David Souder and Zeki Simsek: “The Differing Effects of Agent and Founder CEOs on the Firm’s Market Expansion” (with Scott G. Johnson), Strategic Management Journal

Research Excellence:  John Zhang

Undergraduate Teaching:  Dave Papandria

Graduate Teaching:  Amy Dunbar

Teaching Innovation:  Andy Rosman (with Roger Travis, Modern and Classical Languages)

Service Award:  Tim Dowding

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Ackerman Scholars Announced

The Dean’s Council has reviewed the Ackerman Scholars at the University of Connecticut School of Business and made the following awards:

Appointed for the next two years (2011-12 and 2012-13) are:

  • Sulin Ba, OPIM
  • Joe Golec, Finance
  • John Harding, Finance
  • Suresh Nair, OPIM
  • Rex Santerre, Finance
  • Zeki Simsek, Management

Continuing in their second year are:

The Ackerman Scholar award recognizes significant and continuing all round academic productivity among the faculty of the School. It is awarded to faculty who are not already supported by Chair or Professorship appointments. The award is supported by the Ackerman Fund, the School and the departments. The purpose of the Ackerman Fund is to “grant a monetary reward to faculty members who have excelled in classroom teaching, curriculum development, research, outreach to business and state agencies.”

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