Editorial: School of Business teaching students the art of investing

Daily Campus – This past fall semester, the UConn Stamford Campus began offering lessons to business students in the art of investing. The Student Managed Fund program grants young investors the opportunity to gain experience within the realm of financial risk-taking by managing a $500,000 portfolio, of course, under the close supervision of investment advisors.

Why it pays to have Gen Z women on business teams

Fox Business – For most CEOs, HR partners and operations directors who have never given much thought to Gen Z, those born between 1995-2010, data from a new report should be their wake-up call: Pay attention to the “innovation Opens a New Window. generation” if you want to drive growth and global competitiveness.

In-House Counsel Insights: What In-House Counsel Need to Know About Blockchain

The National Law Review – Ward and Smith attorney Trip Coyne moderated a discussion with three panelists:

David Noble, director of The Peter J. Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management at the University of Connecticut and Founder of GunClear.
Stephen Rogers, vice president of blockchain initiatives for supply chain industry platforms at IBM, and
Bob Meeks, a Ward and Smith patent attorney.

They started by explaining what blockchain — the technology that powers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as well as a growing number of business applications — is.

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