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UConn’s Real Estate Program Ranked #3 in the World

Hartford, Connecticut, USA downtown cityscape

The Center for Real Estate and Urban Economic Studies is ranked among the Top 3 programs worldwide in research excellence, and boasts two of the most productive contributors to prestigious real-estate academic journals.

The Journal of Real Estate Literature ranked real estate programs based on the number of research articles accepted by the top three academic journals in the industry between 2016 and 2020. UConn had previously ranked Number 7.Continue Reading

Executive MBA Program Offers New, Convenient ‘HomeLink’ Option for Fall ’21

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UConn’s popular Executive MBA program is launching a ‘HomeLink’ option this fall that will enable students to participate in some live classes from their homes and require in-person attendance one weekend every other month.Continue Reading

Six Faculty Earn Promotions: ‘I Was Fortunate to Find Amazing Colleagues and Scholars at UConn’

(Peter Morenus / UConn)
(Peter Morenus / UConn)

Six faculty members at the School of Business have earned promotions, with several citing their colleagues as being instrumental in their success.
“We have a truly outstanding group of faculty promoted to the rank of associate and full professor,” said Lucy Gilson, Associate Dean of Faculty and Outreach. “Every one of these newly promoted faculty excels in the classroom and is committed to their students. They have all made valuable research contributions and been willing to share their business expertise both inside and outside of the classroom.” Continue Reading

Two Seniors Hope to Create a UConn Middle Eastern Cultural Center to Foster Connections, Culture

Panorama view of Istanbul at sunset.

Unless you’ve been to Iran, you can’t imagine how incredibly delicious the food is, and how warm and friendly its people are, said senior Mateen Karimi.

Some 1,000 miles west, in Lebanon, visitors can discover a beautiful coastline, amazing mountains for hiking, and breathtaking historical sites, said senior Noor Taweh.Continue Reading

MBA/LAW Team Members Already Using Their Newly Honed Negotiation Skills

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Although they didn’t earn top-standing in this year’s international negotiation challenge, UConn’s team of MBA and Law students were champions nevertheless.

“This experience has already impacted my work,” said MBA-candidate Jasdeep Singh. “I am currently Head of Operations and Marketing for 3BC LLC and we are in the midst of a negotiation that has been months in the making.Continue Reading

Welcome to the Marketing Department Professor Christina Kan!

Christina Kan (Contributed Photo)
Christina Kan (Contributed Photo)

Professor Christina Kan recently joined the Marketing Department in 2020 and has begun teaching courses as of this semester, Spring 2021. Professor Kan teaches Introduction to Marketing Management (3101). Alongside teaching, Professor Kan focuses her research on consumer financial decision-making and price promotions. Professor Kan shares, “I’ve always been fascinated by the consumer – how we make decisions, why we buy, why we don’t buy, etc. Marketing is about creating value for the consumer and as such, is a great opportunity to learn about consumers.”

Before her career at UConn, Professor Kan worked as an assistant professor at Texas A&M University. Professor Kan received her undergraduate degree in marketing at the University of British Columbia and her Ph.D. in marketing at the University of Colorado-Boulder. She is excited to begin a new chapter here at UConn and is impressed by the leadership and organization she’s experienced here so far.
Some advice from Professor Kan:

1. Try to connect the marketing you see in everyday life to your coursework. Whether it be on television, in local businesses, or anywhere else, marketing is all around us. Observing this will give you a deeper understanding of marketing and help you utilize concepts learned in the classroom in real-life applications!

2. In the new era of virtual learning, Professor Kan advises students to make an effort to form connections with professors and fellow students. The everyday conversations we have around campus are easy to lose virtually, but connection is key. Stay organized, create a schedule, and do not hesitate to reach out to others.

Welcome to the Marketing Department, Professor Kan!

We are thrilled to have you!