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MSBAPM Students ‘Awash’ in Knowledge After Completing Capstone Project For Henkel

Father and son washing clothes in washing machine

Creating a great laundry detergent is just the first step in conquering the household cleaning market.

That’s one of the concepts that UConn MSBAPM students learned during their capstone-class project last month. Their task? Providing data, customer insight, and e-commerce support to Henkel, which markets a wide range of well-known consumer and industrial brands in North America, including Persil®, Purex®, and all® laundry detergents and Snuggle® fabric softeners.Continue Reading

Hartford Has Become One of Top 5 Cities for Techies

Hartford Connecticut

Hartford is among the Top 5 cities that techies are relocating to in the wake of the global pandemic. Despite rumors that Austin and Miami are luring tech workers, is reporting that Madison, Wisc., Cleveland, Sacramento, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Hartford are “winning the war” to attract those fleeing the traditional big-city tech hubs.Continue Reading

Business Professor Wins $2.5 Million Fantasy Football Jackpot Using the Concepts He Teaches Students

UConn Today – UConn School of Business professor David Bergman won $2.5 million this week in a fantasy football competition by using some of the data analytics knowledge and techniques he teaches students.

“I’m just shocked by the whole thing, but it’s very exciting,’’ says Bergman, who has been a faculty member in the operations and information management (OPIM) department for seven years. “I’ve played fantasy sports since I was in college and it’s such a fun hobby.’’Continue Reading

Top Management Scholar, Enthusiastic Entrepreneurship Mentor Evan Rawley to Join Faculty

Evan Rawley, an exceptional scholar and enthusiastic entrepreneurship mentor, has joined the School of Business faculty as an associate professor of management and entrepreneurship.

Greg Reilly, the head of the management department, said Rawley will be a tremendous asset to the school.Continue Reading

Professor Emerita Susan Spiggle Gives Large Gift to PhD Program

Professor Emerita Susan Spiggle, pictured above, teaches a course in 2018.  Spiggle recently made a generous donation to the School of Business. (Contributed Photo)
Professor Emerita Susan Spiggle, pictured above, teaches a course in 2018. Spiggle recently made a generous donation to the School of Business. (Contributed Photo)

For novice writers, it is often difficult to accept constructive criticism and develop a willingness to edit and repeatedly revise their work.

Overcoming that reluctance is essential for Ph.D. students who plan to become professors, because their careers hinge on their ability to clearly define their research and present it in a concise and appealing way to editors at top academic journals.

“For future faculty members, being able to write is their bread and butter,” said Professor Emerita Susan Spiggle. “You can have all the best data in the world but if you can’t write clearly and define the importance of your work, it really doesn’t matter at all.”Continue Reading

Professor Mitra: Marketers Who Don’t Maximize Data Analysis Are Sitting On An Untapped Gold Mine

Businessman uses magnifying glass to change data arrow direction

Marketers often collect and analyze customer information that is easy to access and synthesize, but omit or gloss over the deeper and more valuable analytics that can foster a powerful competitive advantage for their corporations.Continue Reading

MIS Competition Got Students Thinking Like Toy-Company Execs

"Shanghai, China - Feb 12, 2012: Hands playing a Rubik's Cube game.Rubik's Cube is a 3D mechanical puzzle invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Erna Rubik"
MIS partnered with PwC to bring this year’s MIS Case Competition into the virtual world. (

For this year’s MIS Case Competition, students were tasked with analyzing the financial performance data for a fictional toy manufacturer and identifying cost saving and operational efficiency.Continue Reading

UConn Management Professor: Workplace Interruptions Jeopardize Productivity

UConn Today – In many American workplaces, employees are bombarded with almost incessant interruptions that disrupt concentration, derail productivity, and generate stress.

Many office workers and IT professionals report being interrupted every three to 11 minutes, while nurses, on average, are interrupted six to 12 times an hour. Most business emails are opened within six seconds of being received, and employees check their emails up to 36 times an hour, according to UConn management professor Nora Madjar.Continue Reading