Author: Scott Slater III

UConn and Travelers: Giving Students an ‘EDGE’

UConn Today – For Nicholas Furlow ’21 (BUS), the Travelers EDGE program has been a part of his academic journey since he was a junior in high school.

“The Travelers EDGE program played a big role, not only through its financial support, but also by being a resource when I was first starting at UConn,” says Furlow, who is majoring in management information systems with minors in data analytics and urban community studies. “College can feel overwhelming if you don’t have a foundation; this program was my foundation.”Continue Reading

UConn’s New Online MBA Program, Launching this Fall, Will Build on Proven Experience

I’m excited and proud to announce that we are launching a fully online MBA (OMBA): Excited because this new program is uniquely poised to provide a high-level academic experience that will prepare our students to be agile in the changing landscape of the post-COVID business world; Proud because of the laser-focused efforts across the School and University to bring this program to life.

The faculty completed the design and the schedule; our staff developed an outstanding student experience; the graduate school, deans and university leadership endorsed it; and the Board of Trustees has provided its full support.

Our first class will enroll in Fall 2021 and we cannot wait to welcome them.

For many years we have explored an expansion, and until now the answer has been: not now, not yet; technology is not where it should be; the faculty aren’t ready; the market isn’t ready; but let’s do what we can to move closer to this goal. Over the past several years we have added a few new online courses each year, based on student demand. When the pandemic hit last year, the world changed and our answer changed: the technology is ready, the faculty are ready, the students are ready, the market is ready, and so are we!

While our OMBA is new, we are building on proven experience. Our fully online, nationally-ranked master of science degree in accounting has been a Top 10 program for some 20 years now. Our faculty have worked with the university’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning to develop and deliver a wide array of online courses. This effort prepared us to pivot sharply in our course presentations last March, and the ensuing experience with online teaching and learning set the stage for a smooth and timely launch of this new degree offering.

This program rounds out our MBA offerings and fills the market need to offer students an online MBA designed to meet their work and family needs. We already offer a Full-time MBA that attracts students, typically from 25- to 35- years old, who leave the workforce to study for just under two years at our downtown Hartford location. The Part-time MBA, offered in Hartford, Stamford, and Waterbury, attracts working professionals who want to take courses at their own pace to fit their work schedule. It is among the largest part-time MBA programs in the country and offers a mix of in-person, hybrid, and online courses, offered all year round. Our Executive MBA program serves higher-level executives in a cohort program spanning 20 months.

The OMBA program will offer even more flexibility to students worldwide. The first core courses will be offered in a cohort model. Course work will be offered asynchronously, with the availability of Monday evening synchronous activities for students who want to engage in real-time with faculty, staff, career counselors and their classmates. Monday experiences will include group activities, workshops, and invited speakers. Throughout the program, students will learn in a collaborative setting in courses designed to be engaging, interactive, and learning focused.

For the final elective courses, students will be able to select from a variety of concentrations including Business Analytics, Digital Marketing Strategy, Finance, and Management.

All of our programs benefit from the engagement with our alumni and friends, and the OMBA will be no different in that regard. Thank you for your investment in our past, and your support for our future. Please share this news with young professionals who you believe might benefit.

For more information on our new OMBA program, to request additional information, or to apply, please visit

UConn Grows in Stamford with New Data Science Incubator

UConn Today – The University of Connecticut announced today the opening of a data science technology incubator in Stamford, the state’s fastest growing city. The 5,685 square-foot facility at 9 West Broad Street adds to UConn’s existing Technology Incubation Program (TIP) locations on the main campus in Storrs and at UConn Health in Farmington.

Connecticut is Thriving: Let’s Keep It Going

Gov. Ned Lamont created the Governor’s Workforce Council to lead efforts to grow and refine Connecticut’s workforce. Led by distinguished individuals, four committees foster a broad approach to workforce development. For example, UConn President Tom Katsouleas is an ex-officio member of the Career & Education Committee, while Jim Loree, CEO of Stanley Black & Decker, chairs the Business Leadership Committee. I serve as one of many collaborators in this effort. Continue Reading

Invention Runs Deep at UConn

UConn Today – Being an inventor is kind of like running a marathon. A spark of inspiration coupled with a lot of endurance, mental strength, and moral support are needed to cross the finish line.

Just like the runners who pound the pavement to achieve their goals, dozens of UConn inventors disclose new inventions each year. Some may go the distance. Others will fail. While it could take years for a discovery from an academic researcher’s lab to become a licensed technology or company, there are always lots of people cheering along the way. That is certainly true at UConn, where inventors have access to many programs that support innovation and entrepreneurship.

Ph.D. Candidate Trent Krupa Earns Coveted Deloitte Scholarship

Fourth-year accounting Ph.D. candidate Trent Krupa (Contributed Photo)
Fourth-year accounting Ph.D. candidate Trent Krupa (Contributed Photo)

The Deloitte Foundation has awarded a prestigious $25,000 Doctoral Fellowship to Trent Krupa, a fourth-year accounting Ph.D. candidate.

The award is one of the most highly regarded in the accounting industry and is bestowed on just 10 accounting Ph.D. students in the nation each year. This is the first time a UConn student has received the honor.Continue Reading

UConn Student Building ‘No Bad Days’ Lifestyle Brand

UConn Today – UConn junior Jack Tarca ’22 (BUS) was looking to do something positive last April as the COVID-19 pandemic began to take over the lives and minds of people throughout the world.

With that thought, and the entrepreneurial spirit he has always felt, Tarca created a website and social media channels called “No Bad Days” – a lifestyle brand that promotes mental health and well-being.