Author: Scott Slater III

Erica Dean ’24, School of Business

UConn Today – Erica wants everyone to find the joy in every experience—even if that experience is a little bit scary. If you can learn something new at the same time, that’s icing on the cake. The School of Business graduate student and Double Husky took classes in Italian and floral arrangement, joined a sports team and a sports ministry and numerous other clubs, and says there are broadening opportunities at UConn for every person and interest. Erica plans to bring her skills in business analytics home to the family business after graduation. And she’s taking her own advice and continuing to plan new experiences, like a hike across Spain for the fall. And her whole family will continue to visit the Dairy Bar, because broadening your horizons doesn’t mean you forget the pleasures of your own backyard.

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Danielle Harrington ’24, School of Business

UConn Today – Basketball fandom drew Danielle Harrington to UConn, and the strength of the School of Business kept her here. Harrington’s interest in math and finance, as well as a desire to make a positive impact on organizations, led her to major in Business. Guiding younger students as a Resident Assistant and a Husky Ambassador, and making friends across campus through activities and volunteering, helped her grow her interpersonal skills. She attributes a boost in her strategic thinking to her advanced business courses. But devising ways to score front row tickets to basketball games can’t have hurt, either!

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Sustainable Dinosaurs, Seaweed, and Accessibility: Diverse Cohort Selected for CCEI’s 2024 Summer Fellowship – UConn’s Startup Accelerator

UConn Today – Atlantic Sea Solutions is a startup that develops edible coatings from seaweed that can extend the shelf life of fresh produce.

Another startup, Webquity, is working to ensure that students with disabilities and neurodiverse learners have equitable access to online content.

Yet another startup – Happy Dinosaur – is looking to grow and scale a line of sustainable and handmade plush dinosaurs that, up until now, have all been made by the startup’s founder individually and by hand.

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‘Digital Frontiers Initiative’ To Help Connecticut Businesses Optimize AI, Emerging Tech, and Enhance Competitiveness

UConn Today – The School of Business has combined a team of experts in technology, data analytics, and business implementation to lead a Digital Frontiers Initiative that will serve Connecticut businesses.

The Initiative, which is led by three UConn business professors with deep roots in business innovation and analysis, is available for industry partnerships, research, and workforce development. The leadership’s expertise includes artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data analytics, and emerging technology.

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UConn Business Researchers Discover How Charities Can Boost Likelihood of Donations Via Smartphone Users

UConn Today – Whether you’re passionate about rescuing puppies, feeding hungry people, or helping victims of a natural disaster, you’re considerably less likely to respond to a charity’s appeal for help if you receive it on your smartphone.

Three UConn Business-affiliated researchers verified that there is a substantial “mobile giving gap’’ between smartphone users and users of traditional computers; but they also discovered an easy and cost-effective solution.

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Retired IBM Executive Shares Family Doctrine About Fostering Change, the Value of True Innovation

UConn Today – As the former Executive Vice President of Innovation and Technology at IBM, Nicholas Donofrio had plenty of insight to share on technology, leadership qualities, and how people wrongly address their workplace challenges.

Donofrio spoke to 100 people—professionals, faculty and staff, and students–during the annual Rosenberg-McVay Business Leadership Series event on Tuesday night at UConn Stamford.

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At least one Connecticut-based company plans to run Super Bowl ad

New Canaan Advertiser – NORWALK — A year ago, one of the world’s largest travel-services companies scored a hit with the launch of an ad that would be seen by many millions of people. This year, Norwalk-based Booking Holdings is trying to emulate that success with another commercial that will appear during the marquee annual sporting event in the U.S

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What Is the Median Down Payment by State in 2024?

This Old House asks:
What advice do you have for first-time homebuyers looking to save for a down payment?

Save as much as you can, and if you have the ability to, try to save for paying closing costs, too, Check to see if your state offers a first-time homebuyers savings account program. Some states offer special savings accounts to help first-time homebuyers which may provide a state tax benefit for money deposited up to a certain limit. You will be held to any requirements and restrictions under the program, so be sure to check on what those are first. You can also check with your local Housing Finance Authority to see if they have downpayment assistance or other programs to help you obtain a loan or purchase a home. Both and have information on homebuying and in particular, resources for first-time homebuyers, including links to resources available by state.

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Amid a scandal, Vince McMahon has stepped down, again. What’s next for the founder and CT-based WWE?

CT Insider – STAMFORD — WWE founder Vince McMahon has stepped down from the company, in the wake of a lawsuit filed last week by a former employee who accused him of sexual abuse. If that scenario sounds familiar, it is because McMahon announced his retirement a year-and-a-half ago amid a company investigation into alleged misconduct.

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