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With Less Than 80 Days to Regulatory Deadline, Neo4j Urges Organizations to Turn GDPR Compliance Into Strategic Advantage

PR Newswire– In lead-up to GDPR’s looming May 25, 2018 deadline, Neo4j, the market leader in connected data, is urging any company that is investing in GDPR compliance to use those investments for a long-term, strategic advantage. As part of that effort, Neo4j is offering an interactive, personalized demonstration and solution assessment, which shows organizations how to use connected data to meet GDPR compliance, and also how to turn those compliance investments into a strategic advantage.

New York’s Suit Against Purdue Pharma Could Have Major Impact

Stamford Advocate– New York City this week added a new dimension to the legal crisis facing Purdue Pharma.

The nation’s largest city is suing several pharmaceutical firms including Stamford’s Purdue, one of the most prominent of the many lawsuits that blame the company for fueling the opioid crisis.

UConn Alum Malfettone Speaks About Corporate Compliance as a Competitive Advantage

John Malfettone '77 speaks about corporate compliance as a competitive advantage. (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)
John Malfettone ’77 speaks about corporate compliance as a competitive advantage. (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)

John Malfettone ’77, senior managing director and chief compliance officer at Clayton, Dubilier, and Rice, spoke to 100 students and alumni about “Corporate Compliance as a Competitive Advantage.” Continue Reading

Precarious Work: The Need for Flextime Employment Rights and Proposals for Reform

Berkeley Journal of Employment & Labor Law, Vol. 37, Issue 1 (2016)

Robert Bird

Millions of Americans are under intense pressure to balance work and family responsibilities. The feeling of overwork is rampant, with nearly half of employees feeling overworked or overwhelmed by their workplace responsibilities. This Article argues for a suite of legal protections that would allow working families, especially single-parent and low-income families, basic access to the rights and protections of flexible work. These protections include amending FLSA rides to better protect non-exempt workers from intrusions into their non-working time, as well as expanding the use of the FMLA to encourage more use of flexible leave. This article also recommends adoption of right-to-request legislation, enabling employees to request a flexible schedule and have that request meaningfully evaluated by their employer without fear of retaliation. Full article.

Turning Corporate Compliance into Competitive Advantage

University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law, Vol. 19, No.2 (2017)

Robert Bird, Stephen Park

Compliance is a core concern for corporate governance. Firms devote tremendous amounts of money, personnel, and attention to ensure compliance with regulatory mandates — and yet compliance failures proliferate. This is because the current static and binary view of compliance hinders both efficient compliance by firms and effective regulation by government. Understanding the reality that compliance is both dynamic and driven by efficiency empowers firms to evolve past mere conformance and into wealth maximizing innovation. This Article develops an efficient investment-risk (EIR) model of compliance that captures the tradeoffs between cost and risk, parses the oft-commingled concepts of technical efficiency and allocative efficiency, and enables firms to obtain a competitive advantage through compliance. We also turn our attention to regulators, and highlight how the EIR model can enhance regulatory design, foster regulator-firm cooperation, and advance the mutual goals of business and society. Full article.