Robert Bird

Popular Business-Law Series Kicks Off With Discussion of College Athletes’ Rights Movement

UConn Today – The School of Business’ popular Equity Now Speaker Series resumes this fall with a discussion about the relatively new opportunity for college athletes to profit from the use of their name, image and likeness.

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Ask the Experts – Best Low Interest Credit Cards

Wallethub – We ask Robert Bird: Does the definition of a “low interest” credit card change over time?

A low-interest credit card has a lower-than-average annual percentage rate of interest for the credit used. Low is a relative term, and can change over time as market rates for interest also change. For example, the Federal Reserve occasionally increases its interest rate on the federal funds rate, which is the interest rate for interbank lending. An increase in that rate in turn may cause interest rates on credit cards to rise as well.

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Business Law Professor Robert Bird Honored for Impactful, Enduring Contributions to the Discipline

UConn Today – Business law professor Robert Bird has been awarded one of the highest honors in his field by his colleagues, who recognized him for outstanding research and professional contributions to the discipline.

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Professor: Walt Disney Co. Chose Values Over Politics; Other Corporations May Face Similar Dilemmas

UConn Today – The Florida state legislature this week voted to end the Walt Disney Co.’s special tax district, which has permitted the Orlando amusement park to govern its land and save millions each year in taxes. UConn Today spoke with business law Professor Robert Bird, the Eversource Energy Chair in Business Ethics and past president of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business, about the vote.