Robert Bird

UConn Business Professors Present Five, Free Mini-Courses to Showcase Graduate Classes

UConn School of Business faculty, like Professor Robert Bird (Pictured above) are presenting short courses to give prospective graduate students a taste of what a UConn education would be like. (Nathan Oldham / UConn School of Business)

The UConn School of Business is offering five mini-courses to showcase the expertise of its faculty. Although the programs were designed for prospective graduate students, anyone is welcome to join the one-hour, online courses free of charge.Continue Reading

New Business Law Program Promises Answers To Tough Questions on Equality, Inclusion

Image of Equity Now Speaker Series on black background
What are some recommendations to make a business more welcoming to the LGBTQ community?

What employment rights does an employee have if he or she is experiencing a lengthy recovery from COVID-19?

And do new technology-enhanced corporate hiring tools eliminate, or exacerbate, sexism and racism in the workplace?

Those are some of the questions that legal scholars will address in UConn’s “Equity Now!” business law series, which is open to students, faculty, alumni, friends of UConn and other sponsoring institutions.Continue Reading

Shreya Murthy ’21, Triple Major and University Scholar, Examines Aviation Safety

Triple major and University Scholar Shreya Murthy (Nathan Oldham / UConn School of Business)
Triple major and University Scholar Shreya Murthy (Nathan Oldham / UConn School of Business)

Maybe it was because she took her first transcontinental flight at 4-months old, or that she’s flown some 60 times since, but junior Shreya Murthy is fascinated by commercial aviation.Continue Reading

Tong still dissatisfied with Purdue Pharma settlement offer

Stamford Advocate – STAMFORD — Connecticut Attorney General William Tong reiterated Tuesday his opposition to now-bankrupt Purdue Pharma’s settlement offer, asserting that the Sackler family members who own the company need to hike their proposed payout and questioning how the potential deal would restructure and value the OxyContin maker.

New data doesn’t dispel legal pressure for OxyContin maker Purdue

Stamford Advocate – OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma accounted for about 3 percent of the prescription opioids produced in the U.S. between 2006 and 2012, according to newly released federal data — but the disclosure of the small market share is unlikely to tamp down the intense legal pressure from the state of Connecticut and hundreds of other plaintiffs.

Business Law Professor Vincent Carrafiello Dies at 78

Pictured above, Vincent Carrafiello teaching during his time at UConn. He passed away at the age of 78. (Nathan Oldham / UConn School of Business)

Beloved business law professor Vincent Carrafiello, a two-time alumnus who devoted 52 years to educating UConn students, passed away on Saturday at age 78.Continue Reading