Robert Bird

With Less Than 80 Days to Regulatory Deadline, Neo4j Urges Organizations to Turn GDPR Compliance Into Strategic Advantage

PR Newswire– In lead-up to GDPR’s looming May 25, 2018 deadline, Neo4j, the market leader in connected data, is urging any company that is investing in GDPR compliance to use those investments for a long-term, strategic advantage. As part of that effort, Neo4j is offering an interactive, personalized demonstration and solution assessment, which shows organizations how to use connected data to meet GDPR compliance, and also how to turn those compliance investments into a strategic advantage.

New York’s Suit Against Purdue Pharma Could Have Major Impact

Stamford Advocate– New York City this week added a new dimension to the legal crisis facing Purdue Pharma.

The nation’s largest city is suing several pharmaceutical firms including Stamford’s Purdue, one of the most prominent of the many lawsuits that blame the company for fueling the opioid crisis.