What Podcasts Can Teach Us About Teaching

The Chronicle of Higher Education– Hi, and welcome to Teaching, a weekly newsletter from The Chronicle of Higher Education. Today, Dan talks to two faculty members about how podcasts can be teaching tools, and he has some fresh research for you, too. Then Beckie passes along how one of your fellow readers uses stories in class, and we share some upcoming deadlines and events for your calendar.

How to Take Your Small Business to the Next Level

Thrillist– It took countless long nights, gallons of elbow grease, and a metric ton of hope, but you did it: You launched your own business. But whether you’re an established startup shooting to be the next unicorn or a retail operation that wants a footprint on every corner, the question of “What do I do now?” is undoubtedly on your mind. We sought out experts to help answer that burning question, whether you’re wondering what kind of customer to approach next or figuring out where to spend that next chunk of marketing money. Read on — you’ve got this.

TEFCA, Interoperability, and an Industry’s Unreasonable Expectations

The #HCBiz– In the rush to implement EHR and meaningful use, did we forget about interoperability? Congress thinks there should be more to show for the billions of dollars already spent on EHR. Now, they’ve asked the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) to give guidance for the future. On this episode, Shahid and I sit down with Niam Yaraghi to discuss what TEFCA is and what it means for interoperability and the business of healthcare.