Author: Melissa Ferrigno

International Students: Inspiring Our Community, Our Culture, Our World View

As former interim Provost and current UConn School of Business Dean, I am very aware of the important role our international students play in the vibrant intellectual life of our community. Whether international students who learn here decide to stay in the United States, return to their country of origin, or become global citizens, we all learn and benefit from engaging with them. We are a country of immigrants and a deeply diverse student community enriches us all.

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Responding With Action: First Steps

As I wrote about George Floyd’s death last month, I asked that we focus on action, not just reiterating our decades of sadness. Indeed, the long-term shifts necessary to achieve true equality involve complex and substantive action, enlisting millions of citizens in a sustained effort to re-weave the fabric of our politics and culture. It is no small undertaking, yet absolutely necessary.

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Coveted Class: Financial Services

Paul Gilson, director and assistant professor of in residence of finance at the Graduate Business Learning Center in Hartford on Aug. 13, 2019. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)
Paul Gilson, director and assistant professor of in residence of finance at the Graduate Business Learning Center in Hartford on Aug. 13, 2019. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

The Instructor

Associate professor-in-residence in finance, Paul Gilson grew up in the Thames River town of Gravesend, 20 miles east of London, and earned a degree in mathematics from Bristol University. His plan was always to go on to a Ph.D. “But first,” he says, “I needed a job.” So he went to work in London for KPMG, the global accounting giant. His first day at the office, stock markets around the world collapsed in the Black Monday crash of 1987, still the greatest one-day loss by percentage in Dow history. During the long recovery that followed, KPMG was kept very busy, and Gilson gained extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, a specialty of his department. “The late 1980s in London,” he says. “It was an exciting time.” Continue Reading

Smartphone App Developed by Students Makes Digital Connections Easier

Four UConn students, Caleb Sleeby (Business Management and Digital Marketing), Aakash Balaji (Computer Science and Engineering), Zach Zambuto (Computer Science and Engineering), and Alex Mueller (Computer Science and Engineering), develop a smartphone app called Follow which functions as a digital business card and makes it easier for people to connect across all of their social media accounts.

Video Producer: Nathan Oldham

Living the Ph.D[ream].

Ph.D. students in UConn's School of Business
Ph.D. students in UConn’s School of Business (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)

Deciding to Pursue a Ph.D.: Three Driving Forces

Three factors inspired me to pursue a Ph.D. The first was my undergraduate advisor from San Francisco State University (SFSU) who instilled the confidence in me that I lacked: the belief that I was capable of success in a graduate program. Having someone take the time and make the effort to consider how I might be able to walk through more open doors has made an invaluable impact in the decisions I make in the classroom and in my overall career today. Continue Reading

Lawsuit: Sackler Emails ‘Shocking and Offensive’ to Opioid Victims

CT Post – Connecticut Attorney General William Tong released Tuesday an unredacted version of the state’s lawsuit against OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma, revealing emails from 2001 that he said showed company co-owner and former CEO and President Richard Sackler’s “shocking and offensive” disregard for victims of the opioid crisis — an assertion contested by Sackler’s attorney.