Bending the Arc

Dear Colleagues and Friends of the UConn School of Business,

George Floyd's death has galvanized the moral center of our nation. Sadly, his is but the latest of not just years, but centuries of violence and inhumanity against people of color. His killing was brutal and several police officers appear to be criminally guilty. As an educational community, UConn and the School of Business must be among those raising their voices to encourage change. And we are. The University's president and provost have noted, "As scholars, educators, and colleagues, we are uniquely positioned to reflect, learn, and act."

As we reflect and learn, it is vital that we remember to act. We must act differently than we sometimes have and must hold ourselves accountable for those actions. Martin Luther King, Jr. famously said, "The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice." He did not mean that justice and the fair, equitable world it implies was inevitable. If anyone knew the effort and work, the risk and danger required to bend that arc toward justice, it was he.

My hope is that George Floyd's death and our nation's response will focus us on envisioning a more just and truthful world and acting to realize it. My hope is that as we reflect and learn we can place his death in the larger context. We must understand the actions of our fellow citizens arising from their own personal histories and experiences. It is our collective but individual actions that can bend the arc toward justice and truth. Please join me in working toward that goal and in keeping it our moral priority until it is achieved.



John A. Elliott
Dean and Auran J. Fox Chair in Business