Author: Melissa Ferrigno

Why is a Study Abroad Experience So Important?

The Sydney Opera  House, up close (Victoria Myers/UConn School of Business)
The Sydney Opera House, up close (Victoria Myers/UConn School of Business)

A few days ago I was asked by the associate director of Global Business Programs (Arminda Kamphausen) why I believe a study abroad experience is so important, and why I was willing to tackle both the logistical and fiscal challenge entailed in study overseas. After thoughtful consideration, I formulated my rationale: Continue Reading

Australia: Home for the Next Five Months!

Coogee Beach
Coogee Beach – where I live! (Victoria Myers/UConn School of Business)

After considering the plentiful study abroad options UConn has to offer, my heart was set on studying abroad at the University of New South Wales in Australia. UNSW offers a large selection of classes to choose from, which allows students to take both important classes for their major/minor or explore a vast array of classes they feel passionate about. Choosing a university that allows you to stay aligned with your plan of study is a key piece of advice for students thinking of studying abroad! Continue Reading

Semin Park Wins Lee Hakel Award

Semin Park pinning up the University of Iowa pennant.
Semin pinning up the University of Iowa pennant. (Nancy Crouch/UConn School of Business)

A few weeks ago Semin Park, a 5th year Management doctoral student, stopped by my office with a twinkle in her eye and a box in her hand. The box contained a university pennant that she would pin to my wall showing academic placements. Continue Reading


Innovation Destination Hartford– This piece originally appeared in August 22, 2018.

Timothy Folta, professor of management, leads a class at the Graduate Business Learning Center in Hartford. (Photo courtesy: Peter Morenus/University of Connecticut.)

Q&A talks with UConn School of Business professor Timothy Folta and University of Hartford Barney School of Business clinical instructor Ken Goldstein about the schools’ joint InsurTech program.

The World Competes with Innovative Ecosystem…Merger & Acquisition of Large Enterprises

Maekyoung Economy Daily Newspaper– While the world is in the process of innovation competition, it is said that South Korea is glad that it has participated in this competition. It is at the Academy of Mangement (AOM), which is being held in Chicago, USA, from the 10th.

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