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Ph.D. students in UConn's School of Business
Ph.D. students in UConn’s School of Business (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)

Deciding to Pursue a Ph.D.: Three Driving Forces

Three factors inspired me to pursue a Ph.D. The first was my undergraduate advisor from San Francisco State University (SFSU) who instilled the confidence in me that I lacked: the belief that I was capable of success in a graduate program. Having someone take the time and make the effort to consider how I might be able to walk through more open doors has made an invaluable impact in the decisions I make in the classroom and in my overall career today. Continue Reading

Semin Park Wins Lee Hakel Award

Semin Park pinning up the University of Iowa pennant.
Semin pinning up the University of Iowa pennant. (Nancy Crouch/UConn School of Business)

A few weeks ago Semin Park, a 5th year Management doctoral student, stopped by my office with a twinkle in her eye and a box in her hand. The box contained a university pennant that she would pin to my wall showing academic placements. Continue Reading

Opening Ph.D. Student Speaker Series

School of Business finance doctoral students with Professor Lewellen.

This Fall, I had the pleasure of coordinating the Finance Ph.D. Student Speaker Series. The purpose of the Speaker Series is to enhance the research culture of the School of Business by attracting speakers whose research is particularly relevant to doctoral students. Each year doctoral students of the five academic departments make the decision of whom to invite, decide the professor’s agenda, and otherwise facilitate and coordinate the professor’s visit. Continue Reading