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Dean’s Annual Report 2016

UConn School of Business Dean's Annual Report 2016

Transforming Futures

In describing the UConn School of Business at this moment, 76 years into its accomplished history, the word “engaged” captures the essence. Our students, faculty and staff are engaged with each other, with our alumni, with the corporate community and with the University.

The School’s growth has been extraordinary, both in terms of enrollment and creating and maintaining vibrant, effective and relevant academic programs. We are transforming the future—of our students, our state, our industries and our world. There is much to celebrate.

We invite you to read the 2016 Dean’s Annual Report.

Students Weigh In On Law Granting ‘Right to Disconnect’ From Work Emails After Hours

The Daily Campus– In a world of heavy smartphone use, nearly everyone can relate to constant notifications and the “ping” signaling the arrival of another email in their inbox. This year, French employees gained a legal privilege through the “Right to Disconnect” law, which grants them the ability to put their work emails aside outside of normal business hours.

The Right to Disconnect

Close-up hand Female Cell phone Paris seine bridge message sms e-mail

French People Say ‘Non, Merci’ to After-Hours Work; Should U.S. Employees Follow?

A new ‘Right to Disconnect’ law that went into effect on Jan. 1, 2017 gives French employees a qualified legal right to ignore work emails outside of normal business hours.

Designed to reduce work-related stress and decrease employee burnout, the law requires companies with 50 or more employees to form policies with their workers that limit work-related technology use after hours. Continue Reading

‘You are an Entrepreneur!’

Kathryn Friedrich, Head of Global Monetization, YouTube (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)
Kathryn Friedrich, Head of Global Monetization, YouTube (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)

UConn’s New Xcite Conference Draws 200+ Women; Strives to Increase Connecticut’s Women Business Leaders

It was a simple assignment that YouTube executive Kathryn Friedrich gave to the audience of 200 business women: take a minute and think of an entrepreneur.

“If you’re not thinking of yourself, think again, because you are an entrepreneur,” she said. “Entrepreneurship is a mindset. You don’t have to start your own company to be an entrepreneur. You can start working on it right away!” Continue Reading

Event Aims to Close Gender Gap for Entrepreneurs

Connecticut Post – After taking the stage Friday at the Crowne Plaza hotel, Kathryn Friedrich, YouTube’s head of global monetization, challenged her audience to question the stereotype of the entrepreneur.

Friedrich appeared as the keynote speaker at the Xcite conference, a new event organized by the University of Connecticut that aims to promote and support innovation and entrepreneurship among women in the business world.

Tremendous Workplace Shift Underway

NAWMBA Conference and Career Fair
The National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA) will hold its annual conference and career fair in Stamford from October 20-22, with the UConn School of Business as the lead academic sponsor. (NAWMBA photo)

Women MBA Conference’s Goal: Increasing Number of Women Business Leaders in Connecticut – and Beyond

The business world is on the cusp of a tremendous shift that will draw more women into top management positions, said the executive director of the National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA).Continue Reading

Becoming Yourself as a Leader

Executive Breakfast Series: Becoming Yourself as a Leader

Executive Leadership Breakfast Features Management Expert Lucy Gilson, Baseball Coach Jim Penders

The School of Business will offer a free breakfast seminar titled “Becoming Yourself as a Leader,” from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. Sept. 14 at the Graduate Business Learning Center, 100 Constitution Plaza, Hartford.

The program will feature guest speakers Jim Penders, head coach of the UConn Baseball team, and Lucy Gilson Ph.D., the head of the management department and a professor at the School of Business. Continue Reading

Lucy Gilson: The Impact of Gender in Academia and Professional Life

Best Work Best Life– Dr. Lucy Gilson, Professor and Management Department Head at University of Connecticut’s School of Business, and the Director of the Geno Auriemma UConn Leadership Conference, joins Kathy and Mo in a fascinating discussion about the impact of gender on the roles women and men play in academia and also the choices they make both personally and professionally. Dr. Gilson shares her keen perspectives as an educator, a leader and a researcher, revealing underlying patterns and trends that unconsciously shape both men and women in their career directions and their futures. (And don’t miss what her 14-year-old son shares as his top tips for a successful life!).

Teaming Up

McEvoy and Jackson Earn Best Presentation Award

At the Academy of Business Research Conference in New Orleans on March 23-25, Nicole Jackson, Assistant Professor of Management, and Kevin McEvoy, Assistant Professor In-Residence of Marketing, earned a Best Session Presentation Award for their work titled, “Mindfulness, Marketing and Management – Is it all that?”Continue Reading