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Are You At Risk of Becoming a Social Media Addict?

Social Media Addiction (Jeffrey Schleicher/UConn School of Business)
Social Media Addiction (Jeffrey Schleicher/UConn School of Business)

UConn Professor Discovers that Heavy Weekend Users May be Substituting Social Media for a Social Life

Are you at risk of becoming addicted to social media?

It seems that the answer lies not in how much you tweet or microblog, but, rather, if you find yourself posting significantly more on weekends than weekdays. Continue Reading

Spring 2017 Research Newsletter

At the University of Connecticut, we are extremely proud of our exceptional, talented and dedicated faculty. Nevertheless, it is particularly gratifying when other professional organizations join us in recognizing our professors’ many achievements.
Last semester, two of our distinguished professors, James Marsden and John Mathieu, were honored with prestigious, lifetime achievement awards.

Are Good Ideas Contagious?

Innovation: A Collaborative Process

Professor Grosser: When It Comes to Nurturing Innovation, Colleagues Play a Huge Role

Companies can nurture more creativity and innovation by identifying and strategically connecting their best innovators with other employees, because their talent and mindset will likely inspire co-workers. Continue Reading

I’ve Got to Buy That!

Lenovo Thinkpad X201 Notebook (iStock)

Best Mergers and Acquisitions Significantly Enhance Consumers’ Perception of Products

Consumer-product companies that execute well-thought-out mergers and acquisitions can tap a customer gold mine.

Not only can they appeal to savvy shoppers’ brand preferences, but also boost profits, streamline expenses and increase prominence among vendors. Continue Reading

Subtle Bias Can Derail Results


If Not Well Managed, Crowdsourcing Contests Produce Undesirable Results, UConn Researchers Discover

Crowdsourcing firms and platform designers may need to revisit their strategies, according to UConn School of Business researchers, because the competitive nature of the work, eager newcomers trying to promote themselves, and subtle biases in presentations may be skewing the outcomes. Continue Reading

Myopic Views

Research by UConn management professors David Souder, left, and Greg Reilly confirms that businesses focusing on short-term results are 'leaving profits on the table.' (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)
Research by UConn management professors David Souder, left, and Greg Reilly confirms that businesses focusing on short-term results are ‘leaving profits on the table.’ (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)

UConn Professors Find Evidence that Short-Sighted Business Planning Costs Companies Money

When executives are committed to the long-term viability of their corporation, and invest money in future growth and technology that will not pay off right away, does that give the company a strong competitive advantage?

For years conventional wisdom said yes, even as many companies seemed focused on short-term results instead. New research by UConn management professors David Souder and Greg Reilly, and their colleagues, offers evidence that longer payoff horizons are indeed more profitable. Continue Reading

A Little White Lie – or Worse?


UConn Researcher Discovers that Retail Execs Downplay, Mislead Outlook in Reports to Stockholders

Many CEOs from major U.S. retailers tend to soften, possibly even distort, their company’s financial standings and offer stakeholders pessimistic predictions about the future, even when their companies are thriving.Continue Reading