Why We Need More Conferences Like AfroTech

Accountant. African American Woman. A small dot within the tech workforce.

This is my bio.

Being a person of color in the tech industry tends to feel like you’re a fish out of water. Though tech companies are working to improve diversity in the workplace, Black and LatinX employees still make up only a small margin of the workforce. Continue Reading

Charter-backed Repeal of Net Neutrality Approved

Stamford Advocate – The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to eliminate “net neutrality” rules instituted during the Obama administration that regulate how broadband providers deliver and charge for content, in an expected but controversial decision that opponents have vowed to fight.

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A Glimpse at Silicon Valley’s Cryptocurrency Craze: A Melding of Reality, Fantasy and Hype

MarketWatch – The hype that has fueled the skyrocketing prices of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies was on full display this week in San Francisco, where a conference showcasing young companies seeking to catch the crypto wave before it crests offered a perplexing mix of a fantastical future and likely reality.

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Blockchain Workshop

On Friday November 10, the Operations and Information Management (OPIM) department held a workshop on Blockchain. In his third workshop of the semester, adjunct professor Stephen Fitzgerald, a UConn alumnus and Management Information Systems (MIS) graduate, was faced with the difficult task of explaining the intricacies of Blockchain in a ninety minute time frame.

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Business Leaders Assess Impact of Technology

Stamford Advocate – The executives who participated in the panel discussion Tuesday night at the University of Connecticut talked a lot about speed. As chief information officers at three of the state’s fastest-growing companies, they said they think constantly about keeping up with the pace of change.

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Unity Virtual Reality Programming Workshop

On Friday November 3, the Operations and Information Management (OPIM) team held one of its most successful workshops to date in the Gladstein Lab on Unity Virtual Reality (VR) Programming. The workshop, led by adjunct professor Stephen Fitzgerald, focused on acquainting people with Unity VR by “showing its historical progression, introducing students to the equipment, and teaching students how to stage a virtual reality space and make a virtual environment.”

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Food Recycling: Connecticut Leads the Way

Brian Paganini '03, vice president and managing director of Quantum Biopower, was honored by the Hartford Business Journal as a "40 Under Forty" award recipient earlier this month. (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)
Brian Paganini ’03, vice president and managing director of Quantum Biopower, was honored by the Hartford Business Journal as a “40 Under Forty” award recipient earlier this month. (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)

Alumnus Brian Paganini ’03 Designed, Runs State’s First Food Waste-to-Energy Facility

When a truck carrying 78,000 pounds of frozen chicken crashed on I-91 in Meriden, Conn., last summer, the food was deemed unsafe to eat and had to be destroyed.

A year prior, the chicken would probably have been incinerated. Continue Reading

Is Data Visualization the New Business Frontier?

data visualization

Great Data Presentations Give Businesses an Edge, Says Course Instructor Adam Ware

The UConn School of Business’ Connecticut Information Technology Institute (CITI), in partnership with Stronger International, is planning a series of webinars, a networking event and courses to help business professionals stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing field of information presentation and data visualization. Continue Reading