Jonathan Moore

‘Digital Frontiers Initiative’ To Help Connecticut Businesses Optimize AI, Emerging Tech, and Enhance Competitiveness

UConn Today – The School of Business has combined a team of experts in technology, data analytics, and business implementation to lead a Digital Frontiers Initiative that will serve Connecticut businesses.

The Initiative, which is led by three UConn business professors with deep roots in business innovation and analysis, is available for industry partnerships, research, and workforce development. The leadership’s expertise includes artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data analytics, and emerging technology.

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Artificial Intelligence-Savvy College Students Introduce New Skills to Business Professionals at Hartford AI Day

UConn Today – Sophomore Samarth Gupta ‘26 stood in front a room filled with business leaders at Hartford AI Day and explained why artificial intelligence can dramatically improve everyday life.

MIT has created ICU Intervene, which predicts what treatments will be most effective for critically ill patients, he said. Paypal uses AI to analyze transactions to curtail cybersecurity fraud. And Amazon is using image detection to support a ‘smart store,’ which eliminates the need to wait in checkout lines.

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Business Analytics, IT Security, and Supply Chain to Take Prominent Place in Revamped School of Business Program

UConn Today – The School of Business is making significant changes to one of its undergraduate programs, modernizing it to increase the emphasis on data analytics and creating a more direct pipeline to employment.

Beginning in the Fall, the Management Information Systems (MIS) program will become Analytics and Information Management (AIM). The new major will offer four concentrations: Business Intelligence, Application Development, IT Security, and Supply Chain Management.

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Otis Innovation Hackathon Prompts Undergrads to Leverage Emerging Tech

Left to Right: Aditya Chandraker, Niteesh Saravanan, and Priyanshu Agrawal hold their prize at the Otis Hackathon in Storrs. (Contributed Photo)
Left to Right: Aditya Chandraker, Niteesh Saravanan, and Priyanshu Agrawal hold their prize at the Otis Hackathon in Storrs. (Contributed Photo)

World’s leading elevator company gives winning participants $10,000 in scholarships

Imagine using your voice to summon an elevator—or several of them—to take you and your colleagues up to a meeting or asking the elevator for personalized directions to a nearby restaurant that could then be transferred to your cell phone.Continue Reading

Innovation Award Bestowed on OPIM Professor Who Inspires Students to Embrace Emerging Tech

Professor Jon Moore in the OPIM Innovate Lab (Contributed Photo)
Professor Jon Moore in the OPIM Innovate Lab (Contributed Photo)

When OPIM professor Jon Moore wanted to teach undergraduates the significance of emerging technology, he created a hands-on classroom at UConn’s Spring Valley Farm that used data analytics and tech to grow herbs and keep fish healthy.

Moore, who has been described by his former students as visionary, inspirational, and committed to their success, has been awarded the 2022 Teaching Innovation Award by UConn’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.Continue Reading

Hanover Challenge: Students’ Ideas Impressed Insurance Experts

UConn Students pose at a conference table
Left to right, Karan Shridharani (MIS), Aaron Selenica (Business Data Analytics), and Jeremy Mogollon (Business Administration), during the Hanover Image Analytics Challenge. (Contributed Photo)

UConn students recently completed a first-of-its-kind, semester-long challenge, analyzing and presenting data to help The Hanover Insurance Co. gain better insight into their present and future customer base.Continue Reading

Data Analytics: The Newest Tool of Aquaponic Agriculture

iGrow News – Colleges across the country are looking for creative ways to give students hands-on, real-world experience using technology to solve problems. It makes sense: Proficiency in this area is one of the most in-demand skills in the workforce.

Jonathan Moore, academic director of the management information systems program at the University of Connecticut, developed a program that teaches data analytics and, in a unique twist, lets students hone their skills by helping fellow students.

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Homegrown Hydroponics Project Spreads Around the World

UConn Today – Heiden started the non-profit organization Levo International in his freshman year at UConn to bring hydroponics to those in need in both Haiti and in Connecticut. He soon reached out to Jonathan Moore, an instructor at the operations and information management department (OPIM) in the School of Business.

Undergraduate non-profit teams up with UConn Child Development lab

Daily Campus – The partnership between Levo International and UConn Child Labs will pilot the non-profit’s first solar-powered hydroponic system, founder of Levo International and a sixth-semester applied and resource economics major with a concentration in international development Christian Heiden, said.