Teaming Up

McEvoy and Jackson Earn Best Presentation Award

At the Academy of Business Research Conference in New Orleans on March 23-25, Nicole Jackson, Assistant Professor of Management, and Kevin McEvoy, Assistant Professor In-Residence of Marketing, earned a Best Session Presentation Award for their work titled, “Mindfulness, Marketing and Management – Is it all that?”Continue Reading

The Real Story: The Baby Boomer Effect

Fox61 – The authors of a new study of Connecticut’s aging population discuss what they call the “Baby Boomer Effect” on the state’s business landscape and economy. Al and Jenns’ guests are Tom Devitto from Blum Shapiro, New England’s largest business advisory group, and Professor David Souder of the UConn School of Business.

Venture Capital Increases a Startup’s Chances of Issuing Stocks or Finding a Buyer

LSE Business Review – An ultimate challenge for technology entrepreneurs is the need for capital to continue to innovate, sustain, and commercialise their innovation. The considerable risks associated with the technological feasibility, business model credibility, and product or service viability severely limits access to capital, yet angel investors and venture capitalists fill this need by investing in startups in exchange for an equity stake in the company. Does private equity, in fact, provide value-added services by influencing startup innovation and commercialisation beyond mere capital infusion?

Better Catalytic Converter: A New Tool for Emission Control

UConn Today – Two UConn researchers have developed a technology that promises big improvements on one of the most common and important emission control tools used to protect the environment: the catalytic converter.

With help from UConn’s NSF program, Accelerate UConn, the pair are now well on their way to commercializing their new technology

NSF Program Helps UConn Entrepreneurs Get Started

UConn Today – Imagine that due to your family medical history, you had an almost 100 percent risk of developing cancer in your lifetime. Now imagine that you discovered this fate before you even started high school. Today that is the reality for many patients with classic familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP), a hereditary colon cancer syndrome.

A team of researchers at UConn Health is exploring ideas for novel approaches to prevent FAP and other inherited colorectal cancer syndromes, and they’re getting out of the lab to do it with help from the University’s new National Science Foundation Innovation Corps Site, Accelerate UConn.

Correspondence Between Self- and Good- Manager Descriptions

Professor Gary Powell and co-author, mentor and dissertation adviser, D. Anthony Butterfield
UConn Management Professor Gary Powell stands with his co-author, mentor and dissertation adviser, D. Anthony Butterfield, a professor at UMass, following a presentation to the UConn Management Department this fall. (Ethan Freund/UConn School of Business)

UConn Management Professor Gary Powell stands with his co-author, mentor and dissertation adviser, D. Anthony Butterfield, a professor at UMass, following a presentation to the UConn Management Department this fall. Powell and Butterfield presented research, published by the Journal of Management, titled “Correspondence Between Self- and Good-Manager Descriptions: Examining Stability and Change Over Four Decades.” Even today, as women attain college degrees in record numbers and have a larger presence in the workforce, sex-based inequalities create hurdles to leadership roles for women that their male counterparts do not face, they concluded.

As Connecticut Baby Boomers Prepare to Retire in Droves, Who Will Buy Their Prospering Businesses?

Management Professor David Souder
Management Professor David Souder (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)

The UConn School of Business, in conjunction with business-advisory firm BlumShapiro, has released the first installment of a report called, “The Baby Boomer Effect,” which examines the impact an aging generation is having on Connecticut’s business landscape.

The first installment of the report examines the current and future demographics of business ownership in Connecticut, and highlights the dramatic change that Connecticut will experience during the next 10 to 15 years as a large number of business owners reach retirement age.Continue Reading

Mimicking the Boss

Nicole Jones Young
Nicole Jones Young (Melissa Ferrigno/UConn School of Business)

Doctoral Student Nicole Jones Young Wins Her Second Award for Research on ‘Trickle-Down Leadership’ and Inclusivity

Management doctoral candidate Nicole Jones Young has won her second prestigious award in two years for research that shows employees pay close attention to their bosses’ actions, more than their words, when it comes to inclusivity in the workplace.

“A Trickle-Down Approach to Inclusive Leadership: The Role of Supervisory Moral Identity,” was recognized by the prestigious Southern Management Association (SMA) as the top doctoral research paper focused on ethics, social and diversity issues.Continue Reading

Accelerate UConn Welcomes 1st Class of Entrepreneurs

UConn Health- Accelerate UConn, a National Science Foundation (NSF) entrepreneurship program at UConn, has selected 10 faculty-student teams to receive seed grants and business training aimed at more quickly and successfully commercializing early-stage technologies developed at the University.

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John Mathieu Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Management Professor John Mathieu (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)
Management Professor John Mathieu (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)

Improving High-Stress Outcomes Drives Mathieu’s Research

Professor John Mathieu is the recipient of a national lifetime achievement award recognizing his exceptional research, teaching and mentoring in the field of group dynamics.

The Joseph E. McGrath Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Study of Groups is given to an individual whose work has shown an enduring commitment to advancing the interdisciplinary science of team behavior, dynamics, and outcomes.Continue Reading