Author: Janine Coppola

Final Days in London

I had a steep list of stops for my final days in London. After work on Tuesday, I met a friend at Kings Cross to get a photo of Platform 9 ¾, the famous hidden entrypoint to the train which brings students to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. To my surprise, a few hundred other Harry Potter fans had that same idea! There was a large “queue” to take a photo with the platform, so my friend and I stayed to the side and decided to check out the gift shop instead. On Wednesday, a few of us ventured out to see the London Eye in its glory at night. Though the ride itself is closed after 8 PM, it is spectacularly lit up red for passerby throughout the evening. We stood on Westminster Bridge and soaked in the peace of night time on the Thames. We finally got a nice view of Big Ben – lit up as well! I was disappointed to have not seen the Eiffel Tower at night, but this sight made up for it. Continue Reading

Amsterdam and London Culture

This week began with a pop cultural experience in watching the finale of the famous UK summer reality TV show called Love Island. This program airs every night at 9 PM during the summer months, and thus the finale had long been anticipated! My flatmates and I had watched a couple episodes and decided to enjoy the fun. It was a nice break from writing the two papers that were due that week. We had one final class relating to our internship experiences Wednesday night after work. It was a long day, but beneficial to reflect and share in a group setting on our varied experiences. Continue Reading

Internship and Ireland

During my second week of my internship at Arden, I worked on various projects that carried over from week one. Mostly, I finished a presentation that analyzed various direct and indirect competitors’ digital foundation finder tools. I was able to offer recommendations for best practice for our company in implementing this new digital feature. One project I will continuously work on is a foundation analysis on two relevant competitors for an upcoming new product launch. A fun experience this week was using my employee discount in the office’s weekly opening of their corporate shop. My flatmates have since asked me to buy things for them at the store. They have various work benefits as well, as one of my friends was able to get us free pizzas one night because she does finance for Pizza Pilgrims. Continue Reading