Alumnus’ Brainchild: Cannabis-Infused Beverage Company

Cans of Levia - Cannabis-infused seltzer
LEVIA, our April UConn Startup, is introducing cannabis -infused seltzer to the Massachusetts Dispensary market. (Photo Courtesy of LEVIA)

Alumnus Matt Melander ’09 is the President of LEVIA, a new cannabis-infused beverage company, based in Massachusetts. The company currently has three seltzers that are distributed at 38 dispensaries in Massachusetts, with roughly 40 more on the waiting list. Sales have been better than anticipated and the startup is growing quickly. Continue Reading

Startup ‘BeRemote’ Masterminds Stronger Employee Bonds

BeRemote CEO Vivek Nigam
BeRemote CEO Vivek Nigam (contributed photo)

BeRemote’s mission is to transform remote, professional work teams by enhancing engagement using an AI-based social-interaction platform that helps employees build and strengthen bonds within their organization. “Be a team that loves being a team,” is part of the company’s philosophy.

CEO Vivek Nigam, who earned his MBA from UConn in 2003, has 30 years of experience in IT and data strategy roles. He sold his first tech startup to AOL in 2000. Below he explains the company’s approach to team-building and how he hopes it will help transform the workplace.Continue Reading

UConn Startup Stemify Improves Math Education With AI

UConn Today – Many people leave college with bad memories of struggling through math classes. Students’ difficulties with early math classes are one of the top reasons they drop out of STEM majors. UConn Technology Incubation Program startup Stemify is working to change that, with an innovative approach to math education that utilizes artificial intelligence to support learning.

UConn Grows in Stamford with New Data Science Incubator

UConn Today – The University of Connecticut announced today the opening of a data science technology incubator in Stamford, the state’s fastest growing city. The 5,685 square-foot facility at 9 West Broad Street adds to UConn’s existing Technology Incubation Program (TIP) locations on the main campus in Storrs and at UConn Health in Farmington.

Connecticut Startup Creates Over-the-Counter Pain Creams Without the Harmful Additives

The Feel Good Lab, a local startup, develops over the counter pain relief products free of harmful chemicals. (Contributed Photo)
The Feel Good Lab, a local startup, develops over the counter pain relief products free of harmful chemicals. (Contributed Photo)

Pharmacist Gene Gresh’s customers often asked him what kinds of over-the-counter pain relief products he would recommend.

After looking at the ingredient lists of the leading products, he discovered all contained harmful substances. In good faith, he couldn’t truly recommend any of them.

Gresh, the owner of Pioneer Health Compounding Pharmacy in Vernon, began formulating his own product, using natural ingredients. The new medications, now available from the company he helped create called The Feel Good Lab, are gaining traction in the healthcare market and are now sold in many large pharmacies, as well as online.Continue Reading

Invention Runs Deep at UConn

UConn Today – Being an inventor is kind of like running a marathon. A spark of inspiration coupled with a lot of endurance, mental strength, and moral support are needed to cross the finish line.

Just like the runners who pound the pavement to achieve their goals, dozens of UConn inventors disclose new inventions each year. Some may go the distance. Others will fail. While it could take years for a discovery from an academic researcher’s lab to become a licensed technology or company, there are always lots of people cheering along the way. That is certainly true at UConn, where inventors have access to many programs that support innovation and entrepreneurship.

Pandemic Won’t Disrupt Annual iQ Competition Because ‘Innovation is Relentless’

friendly woman taking order on phone at restaurant and writing on notepad during the day

When someone asked Professor Rich Dino if the School of Business’ Innovation Quest (iQ) entrepreneurial competition would be postponed this year due to the pandemic his quick reply was: Of course not!

“Innovation is relentless,” said Dino, program director. “No matter the economic environment, good or bad, entrepreneurship carries on.”Continue Reading