UConn’s Werth Institute Recognized for Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education

UConn Today – From business to nutritional sciences, engineering to the arts, the Peter J. Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation has distinguished itself as a dynamic and multidisciplinary environment where all UConn students can find an opportunity to learn, connect, and innovate alongside their entrepreneurially minded peers and with the help of seasoned educators and mentors.

CCEI Helps 10 UConn-Affiliated Startups Grow, Prepare to Impact the World

Elijah Taitel (above) showing off his creation, the ProVelcocity Bat. Elijah's startup is one of ten selected to participate in the 2021 CCEI Summer Fellowship. (contributed photo)
Elijah Taitel (above) showing off his creation, the ProVelcocity Bat. Elijah’s startup is one of ten selected to participate in the 2021 CCEI Summer Fellowship. (contributed photo)

Senior Elijah Taitel loves baseball, and has spent the last few years creating the ProVelocity Bat, a unique training device designed to improve the swing of everyone from Little Leaguers to MLB players.

Sophomore Raina Jain’s passion revolves around the environment, and, more specifically honey bees. Her Queen Bee startup is preparing to sell an immunity- boosting beverage that contains honey and other all-natural ingredients.

Although their startups are vastly different, their business drive is well aligned. The two aspiring entrepreneurs began an eight-week entrepreneurship program this week, offered by the School of Business’ Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (CCEI). They are joined by eight other business teams.Continue Reading

Santander Bank Supports Initiatives to Benefit Minority Students, Minority-Owned Businesses

Wilbur Cross at sunset.
(Sean Flynn/UConn Photo)

Santander Bank, N.A., through its Santander Universities program (“Santander”), has awarded a $100,000 grant to the UConn Foundation, to support initiatives that will benefit both minority business students and minority-owned small businesses.

The grant marks a new relationship between UConn and Santander, one of the country’s largest retail and commercial banks.Continue Reading

How a Much-Loved Cat Inspired Entrepreneur Travis Bloom to Create a Business

Cat being exampined with a stethoscope by a vet.

Alumnus Travis Bloom ’13 is the co-founder of Pawlicy Advisor, a pet-insurance marketplace that helps pet owners find the right coverage for their animal. With pet-ownership increasing during the pandemic, and emergency veterinary bills that can run as high as $10,000, the service is more vital than ever, said Bloom. In the last three months, the company has secured millions in funding and tripled its team.

Bloom, who majored in management information systems at UConn, considered himself a risk-averse person, but said creating his own business has been 10 times harder, and 10 times more rewarding, than he ever imagined.

Below he shares a bit about his business journey.Continue Reading

How Sweet It Is: Entrepreneurship Winner Creates Honey-Infused, Immune-Support Supplement

Bee and Honeycomb

Freshman Raina Jain hit a trifecta with her QueenBee immune support supplement.

Freshman Raina Jain, winner of the 2021 iQ Competition (credit: Phoebe Liou)
Freshman Raina Jain, winner of the 2021 iQ Competition (credit: Phoebe Liou)

Not only did she create a delicious and healthy supplemental beverage for consumers, she also found a way to help save the bees, and won the School of Business’ Innovation Quest (iQ) competition at the same time. Continue Reading

Alumnus’ Brainchild: Cannabis-Infused Beverage Company

Cans of Levia - Cannabis-infused seltzer
LEVIA, our April UConn Startup, is introducing cannabis -infused seltzer to the Massachusetts Dispensary market. (Photo Courtesy of LEVIA)

Alumnus Matt Melander ’09 is the President of LEVIA, a new cannabis-infused beverage company, based in Massachusetts. The company currently has three seltzers that are distributed at 38 dispensaries in Massachusetts, with roughly 40 more on the waiting list. Sales have been better than anticipated and the startup is growing quickly. Continue Reading

Startup ‘BeRemote’ Masterminds Stronger Employee Bonds

BeRemote CEO Vivek Nigam
BeRemote CEO Vivek Nigam (contributed photo)

BeRemote’s mission is to transform remote, professional work teams by enhancing engagement using an AI-based social-interaction platform that helps employees build and strengthen bonds within their organization. “Be a team that loves being a team,” is part of the company’s philosophy.

CEO Vivek Nigam, who earned his MBA from UConn in 2003, has 30 years of experience in IT and data strategy roles. He sold his first tech startup to AOL in 2000. Below he explains the company’s approach to team-building and how he hopes it will help transform the workplace.Continue Reading

UConn Startup Stemify Improves Math Education With AI

UConn Today – Many people leave college with bad memories of struggling through math classes. Students’ difficulties with early math classes are one of the top reasons they drop out of STEM majors. UConn Technology Incubation Program startup Stemify is working to change that, with an innovative approach to math education that utilizes artificial intelligence to support learning.