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UConn and Travelers: Giving Students an ‘EDGE’

UConn Today – For Nicholas Furlow ’21 (BUS), the Travelers EDGE program has been a part of his academic journey since he was a junior in high school.

“The Travelers EDGE program played a big role, not only through its financial support, but also by being a resource when I was first starting at UConn,” says Furlow, who is majoring in management information systems with minors in data analytics and urban community studies. “College can feel overwhelming if you don’t have a foundation; this program was my foundation.”Continue Reading

UConn Startup Stemify Improves Math Education With AI

UConn Today – Many people leave college with bad memories of struggling through math classes. Students’ difficulties with early math classes are one of the top reasons they drop out of STEM majors. UConn Technology Incubation Program startup Stemify is working to change that, with an innovative approach to math education that utilizes artificial intelligence to support learning.

Alumna: Happiness Isn’t as Elusive as it May Seem

UConn TodayUConn alumna Michelle Wax ’12 (BUS) drove her Jeep across the country in search of people who were truly happy.

She found hundreds of them, from teenagers to senior citizens. None of them were millionaires. All of them led normal lives with challenges, from the mundane to the extreme, yet their outlooks were inspirational.

In a documentary film, American Happiness, which debuts next week, Wax chronicles her journey and what she discovered from those who live joyful, energetic, and meaningful lives.Continue Reading