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Hartford Has Become One of Top 5 Cities for Techies

Hartford Connecticut

Hartford is among the Top 5 cities that techies are relocating to in the wake of the global pandemic. Despite rumors that Austin and Miami are luring tech workers, is reporting that Madison, Wisc., Cleveland, Sacramento, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Hartford are “winning the war” to attract those fleeing the traditional big-city tech hubs.Continue Reading

Alum Who Created ‘Merican Mule Cocktail Company Has Plenty to Celebrate

UConn Today -Sales of ‘Merican Mule premium cocktail have skyrocketed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, fueling the good spirits of its UConn alumnus co-founder.

“Sales have been shot out of a cannon,’’ says Dean Mahoney ’09 (BUS). “The pandemic posed challenges to people who typically went to bars and restaurants. They wanted a quality cocktail at home, so they shifted their search to liquor stores.Continue Reading

FCP Euro Surpasses $100 Million In Annual Sales

FCP Euro – Today, Connecticut-based online auto parts retailer FCP Euro announced that they have surpassed $100 million in annual sales, a milestone achieved through 20 years of consistent revenue growth. As a company recognized in Inc. magazine’s 5000 fastest-growing privately-owned companies for seven years, this milestone is a testament to the focus on customer service and the growth of the digital presence within the Automotive Aftermarket.

UConn Management Professor: Workplace Interruptions Jeopardize Productivity

UConn Today – In many American workplaces, employees are bombarded with almost incessant interruptions that disrupt concentration, derail productivity, and generate stress.

Many office workers and IT professionals report being interrupted every three to 11 minutes, while nurses, on average, are interrupted six to 12 times an hour. Most business emails are opened within six seconds of being received, and employees check their emails up to 36 times an hour, according to UConn management professor Nora Madjar.Continue Reading

Vaccine logistics: The ‘challenging task’ of delivering billions of doses

CTPost – Getting a COVID vaccine to the entire country — and perhaps the entire world — will present a unique challenge, according to Tao Lu.

“It’s the first time you are trying to do such a huge job in such a short time frame,” he said.

Lu is an assistant professor at UConn’s School of Business, specializing in supply chain management and logistics.

He said development of a vaccine — there are currently two coronavirus vaccine candidates on the fast track for worldwide distribution — is just the first problem.

“The next challenging task is how to deliver the vaccine to every single person in the nation, or in the world,” he said.Continue Reading

UConn School of Business Receives First-Ever Top 30 Ranking for Graduate Entrepreneurship from Princeton Review

UConn Today – The rankings, released today by Princeton Review and slated to be published in the December issue of Entrepreneur Magazine, included more than 300 applicants, putting UConn in the top 15 percent of all survey participants. For the second year in a row, UConn ranked at No. 46 for undergraduate entrepreneurship and, for the first time, the UConn School of Business ranked at No. 28 for graduate entrepreneurship amidst the competitive field of participants in this year’s survey.Continue Reading