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UConn Entrepreneur Smashes a Home Run With Sophisticated Baseball-Training Invention

UConn Today – As a high school baseball player, Elijah Taitel ’22 (BUS, ENG) wanted to develop a more powerful, well-refined swing to deliver blistering results at bat. Little did he know when he began creating the ProVelocity Bat, an innovative baseball and softball training tool, it would attract the interest of the Tampa Bay Rays, an MLB slugger, and numerous private coaches and parents.Continue Reading

Young people and people of color have become unemployed at disproportionate rates amid the pandemic

UConn Journalism – Nearly 80 percent of registered voters say the economy is an important issue, according to an August 2020 Pew Research Center study. In the same study, 88% of President Donald Trump’s supporters ranked the economy as “very important,” the most of any of the issues they asked about.

Two Months From Graduation, Xavier Cole ’20 (BUS) Says: ‘Make Excuses, Or Make It Happen’

UConn Today – Few people have a pivotal moment in life at just 7 years old.

But that’s when UConn senior Xavier Cole made a powerful promise to his older brother, Joey. If you adopt me, he told Joey, I will be the first in our family to graduate college; I will make something of my life.Continue Reading

(Video) Backward Economics: When Unemployment Offers a Living Wage

NBC Connecticut – The extra $600 in unemployment assistance made available through the Cares Act has been a lifeline for many workers, but it has created challenges for employers trying to get employees back to work. It raises questions about if jobs were paying a fair wage in the first place.