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UConn Startup Stemify Improves Math Education With AI

UConn Today – Many people leave college with bad memories of struggling through math classes. Students’ difficulties with early math classes are one of the top reasons they drop out of STEM majors. UConn Technology Incubation Program startup Stemify is working to change that, with an innovative approach to math education that utilizes artificial intelligence to support learning.

Alumna: Happiness Isn’t as Elusive as it May Seem

UConn TodayUConn alumna Michelle Wax ’12 (BUS) drove her Jeep across the country in search of people who were truly happy.

She found hundreds of them, from teenagers to senior citizens. None of them were millionaires. All of them led normal lives with challenges, from the mundane to the extreme, yet their outlooks were inspirational.

In a documentary film, American Happiness, which debuts next week, Wax chronicles her journey and what she discovered from those who live joyful, energetic, and meaningful lives.Continue Reading

UConn Grows in Stamford with New Data Science Incubator

UConn Today – The University of Connecticut announced today the opening of a data science technology incubator in Stamford, the state’s fastest growing city. The 5,685 square-foot facility at 9 West Broad Street adds to UConn’s existing Technology Incubation Program (TIP) locations on the main campus in Storrs and at UConn Health in Farmington.

Invention Runs Deep at UConn

UConn Today – Being an inventor is kind of like running a marathon. A spark of inspiration coupled with a lot of endurance, mental strength, and moral support are needed to cross the finish line.

Just like the runners who pound the pavement to achieve their goals, dozens of UConn inventors disclose new inventions each year. Some may go the distance. Others will fail. While it could take years for a discovery from an academic researcher’s lab to become a licensed technology or company, there are always lots of people cheering along the way. That is certainly true at UConn, where inventors have access to many programs that support innovation and entrepreneurship.