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Responding With Action: First Steps

August 11, 2020
As I wrote about George Floyd’s death, I asked that we focus on action, not just reiterating our decades of sadness. Indeed, the long-term shifts necessary to achieve true equality involve complex and substantive action, enlisting millions of citizens in a sustained effort to re-weave the fabric of our politics and culture. It is no small undertaking, yet absolutely necessary. Continue reading


June 26, 2020
As I return this month to the Dean’s chair following a year as interim University Provost, I am deeply impressed and proud of the School of Business students, faculty, staff and alumni. Continue reading

Bending the Arc

June 4, 2020
George Floyd's death has galvanized the moral center of our nation. Sadly, his is but the latest of not just years, but centuries of violence and inhumanity against people of color. Continue reading

The Dean's Fund

Gifts to the School of Business Dean’s Fund provide support for the areas of greatest need at the UConn School of Business. The Fund supports innovative career programming such as FinTech, Data Analytics and the Business Connections Learning Center; international business and culture immersion experiences; and assistance for students affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. As we continue to mobilize the Dean's Fund to help support our students in need, I encourage you to join us and make a donation to the Dean’s Fund through the UConn Foundation.

Dean's Fund Scholarships

The School of Business is offering emergency aid to current and future Business students whose financial need had been brought on or amplified by the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This includes, but is not limited to, additional scholarship support, funding for access to remote learning, and access to supplementary learning opportunities if necessary.

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