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Op-ed: What saying ‘Happy Holidays’ says about us

Stamford Advocate – “Happy Holidays!” It is the most common greeting offered this time of year. People say it to each other. Retailers greet consumers with it. We hear it in advertisements across all platforms-television, radio and in print. It is now so common the words go almost unnoticed, much like asking “how are you” as you pass by someone you know, and often don’t even hear the answer. Such greetings have become a habit.

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Conair Faces Close Attention After Cuisinart Recall

Stamford Advocate– As Stamford-based Conair replaces 8 million blades used in its Cuisinart food processors, which have been linked to mouth injuries from fragments of cracked blades, customers and regulators are closely watching its handling of the recall. The prevalence and speed of social media only heightens attention.

“They have to get on top of this, be transparent and open and stay ahead of the social media curve,” said Kevin McEvoy, an assistant professor in the University of Connecticut’s business school. “The brand equity is going to be damaged for Cuisinart — but how much damage and for how long depends on how they respond.”

‘Their Success is My Success’

Kevin McEvoy (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)
Kevin McEvoy (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)

Marketing Professor Kevin McEvoy Wins Stamford Faculty Recognition Award

Marketing professor Kevin McEvoy doesn’t mind putting in extra work if it fosters greater success among his students.

Each week he reviews around 130 student critiques in addition to student team presentations, a time-consuming task, because he believes that writing them helps students become more focused, better thinkers and stronger learners.  Continue Reading


A view of the School of Business on April 28, 2015. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)
A view of the UConn School of Business. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

School Honors Faculty Whose Accomplishments Shine Brightly; Professor Golec Awarded ‘Research Excellence’ Honor

Finance professor Joe Golec, a scholar who keeps a running list of at least 100 potential research topics at all times, was awarded the School of Business’ top honor this spring, its Award for Research Excellence.

Meanwhile accounting professors Yanhua “Sunny’’ Yang and Michael Willenborg earned the School of Business’ Best Paper award for a highly regarded research paper about IPO prices. One of the reasons she chose to work at UConn, Yang said, was the value the University places on research distinction. Continue Reading

Teaming Up

McEvoy and Jackson Earn Best Presentation Award

At the Academy of Business Research Conference in New Orleans on March 23-25, Nicole Jackson, Assistant Professor of Management, and Kevin McEvoy, Assistant Professor In-Residence of Marketing, earned a Best Session Presentation Award for their work titled, “Mindfulness, Marketing and Management – Is it all that?”Continue Reading

UConn Stamford Marketing Club Conducts Charity Drive

UConn Stamford Marketing Club’s 2015 Toy and Food Drive (Kevin McEvoy/UConn School of Business)
UConn Stamford Marketing Club’s 2015 Toy and Food Drive (Kevin McEvoy/UConn School of Business)

The UConn Stamford Marketing Club has taken the lead in helping others this holiday season. The Club has initiated both a Canned Foods and a Toys for Tots drive that will distribute food and toys for the under privileged in the Stamford area. Emails, social media and word of mouth have been used by the Club to spread the word to the Stamford campus community. Two boxes for collection and a large sign have been located outside the Student Government Association (SGA) office across from the campus gym, along the busy main corridor leading from the front forum to the back classrooms. Digital Marketing & Analytics major, Cassandra Packer stated in an email, “We are trying to embody the giving spirit of the holidays and give back to those in need for our first major project.”

The club has also been active in attracting new members with advertising, Google Groups, registration events and person to person outreach. The UConn Stamford Marketing Club was founded early this fall semester when two groups of students working independently merged to become the latest student driven club recognized by the Stamford Campus SGA. Club interest has been driven by club leaders Cassandra Packer, William Helmrich, and Molly McHugh, and is overseen by club advisors Matt Longcore, Kevin McEvoy, and SGA advisor Gail Riquier.

Students interested in joining the UConn Stamford Marketing Club can click here for more information.

Kevin McEvoy Awarded Best Session Paper

Assistant Professor in-Residence of Marketing, Kevin McEvoy, received a Session Best Paper Award for his presentation of The Toolbox-An Innovation Connecting Marketing Education and Practice, at the Academy of Business Research Conference held New Orleans in March. He also served as session chair. The Academy of Business Research ​is an international society of scholars and practitioners who exchange ideas and collaborate in all areas of business and business education.Continue Reading