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New MBA Students Quickly Becoming Leaders

MBA Case Competition First-Place Team (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)
The first place team, from left: Jonathan Neal, Mariam Kurian, Jared Alexis, and Jin Du. (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)

As Insurance Industry Grapples with Change, MBA Candidates Could Become Trailblazers

First-year UConn MBA students faced one of their first big hurdles earlier this month when they were presented with a real-life, pressure-filled case competition, made all the more interesting by the presence of a special judge. Continue Reading

Are Nursing Homes Inflating Their Medicare Star Ratings?

Are Nursing Homes Inflating Their Medicare Star Ratings?

UConn Professors Find that Some Self-Reporting is Flawed

Nursing homes may be inflating their self-assessments in an effort to improve their Medicare star ratings, according to a new study by UConn OPIM professors Niam Yaraghi and Ram Gopal and their colleague, Xu Han ’17 Ph.D. Continue Reading

The Next Generation of Innovators

UConn Today – After announcing his $22.5 million commitment to UConn to foster innovation on Dec. 4, donor Peter Werth attended presentations by alumni, graduate, and undergraduate student innovators during the Entrepreneurial & Innovation Student Huddle held at the newly named Peter J. Werth Residence Tower, formerly Next Generation Connecticut Residence Hall.

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‘Thirty Ideas Are Better Than One’

Marketing students at the Oakridge Dairy Farm in Ellington, Conn. (Seth Bahler/Oakridge Dairy)
Marketing students at the Oakridge Dairy Farm in Ellington, Conn. (Seth Bahler/Oakridge Dairy)

Ellington’s Oakridge Dairy Seeks Business Expansion Suggestions from Marketing Students

The CEO of Oakridge Dairy Farm in Ellington is asking UConn’s senior marketing students to offer ideas on new ways to generate income for the sprawling, 1,600-acre farm, which is one of the largest of its kind in Connecticut. Continue Reading

UConn Receives $22.5M Gift for Entrepreneurship, Innovation

Peter J. Werth speaks at an event to announce his $22.5 million commitment to the University on Dec. 4, 2017.
Peter J. Werth speaks at an event to announce his $22.5 million commitment to the University on Dec. 4, 2017. The pledge from Werth, an innovator in generic prescription medication, is the second-largest in University history. Seated is President Susan Herbst. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

The UConn Foundation has received a $22.5 million commitment from Peter J. Werth, ensuring a legacy of innovation and entrepreneurship for generations of students to come.

“Peter’s transformative and historic commitment cements his legacy as a most generous friend to UConn,” said Josh Newton, President and CEO, UConn Foundation. “As a steadfast UConn supporter for many years, Peter has previously given very generously to our athletic programs. We’re grateful that his generosity has expanded to include academics, especially into an area that supports the economy of our state: entrepreneurship and innovation. We hope he will inspire others to follow his lead.” Continue Reading

The Power of Empathy

Kelly Herd (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)
In their studies, UConn marketing professor Kelly Herd (pictured, above) and Ravi Mehta of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, ask participants to design a child’s toy, select ingredients for a new kids’ cereal, and redesign a grocery cart for the elderly. Each time, the group that produced the most original products was the one instructed to imagine the target consumers’ feelings before beginning the task. (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)

When Product Developers Invoke Emotion, Do They Generate More Creative Ideas?

What kind of potato chip would you create, and what would you name it, if you wanted to sell the product exclusively to pregnant women? Continue Reading

Business School Hosts NYC Alumni Event

Leading in Turbulent Times (Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for GLG)
Managing Director and Head of Business Development at GLG Patrick Donegan chats with UConn School of Business Dean John Elliott (left) and others at “Leading in Turbulent Times.” The event was presented by GLG and UConn School of Business at GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group) on November 15, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for GLG)

Panelists: ‘Turbulent Times’ Provide Opportunities for Leaders to Emerge

Former U.S. Navy SEAL commander David Cooper knows a few things about leading in turbulent times.

Cooper served the elite unit for 25 years, ventured on dozens of dangerous deployments, and earned an array of medals, including one Silver Star and six Bronze Stars.

So when he talked about the U.S. Navy Seals’ 10-year manhunt for Osama bin Laden, and his killing in May 2011, the audience of UConn graduate business students, alumni and friends were engrossed. Continue Reading