Innovation Quest

What’s the BIG Idea?

What's the BIG Idea?

Six Finalists from UConn’s ‘Innovation Quest’ Impress Angel Investors

Kyle Mahoney ’18 just finished his freshman year at UConn, but already he has created a therapeutic massage device that he believes will be a retail blockbuster.

Mahoney and his business partner, Chris Brown ’15, were among six teams recognized as the best entrepreneurial ventures in UConn’s highly competitive Innovation Quest. Continue Reading

Students Enter Their “Stay-Up-All-Night-Working-On-It’’ Projects In Hopes of Becoming UConn’s Innovation Quest Champ

Have you ever tried to buy concert- or theater- tickets online and been asked to retype two words, which are displayed in squashed, blurry, italic font that is virtually impossible to distinguish?

If you’re like Theo Marrinan, that hurdle absolutely drives you nuts. Marrinan has a plan that will make that task a little easier, a great deal more fun, and may also be intriguing to advertisers who could use it to promote their product.

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