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Graduate Profile: Kayla O’Leary ’16

Kayla O'Leary (UConn School of Business)
Kayla O’Leary (UConn School of Business)

Kayla O’Leary: Marketing
‘Those High Achievers Pulled Out a Competitive Side in Me!’

Kayla O’Leary ’16 combined her passion for marketing and her love of the law into an honors thesis during her senior year.

How do you balance a consumer’s freedom of speech, including the right to gripe about a product or service on social media, with a company’s right to respond to unfair criticism and protect its brand equity?Continue Reading

Corporate Compliance as Competitive Advantage


Can Corporate Compliance be Achieved without Breaking the Bank? Two UConn Professors Offer a New Way to Answer this Increasingly Important Business Question

Corporate compliance is one of the hot-button topics in business today, and the need to identify, prioritize and optimize it is a growing source of concern for companies, business managers, lawyers and legal scholars alike.Continue Reading

Rediscovering the Power of Law in Business Education

AACSB Blog – When you think of “law and business,” what words immediately come to mind? Did you envision innovation, sustainability, the future of work, the Gig Economy, social responsibility, and value creation? If not, then consider whether you are missing opportunities to engage students and impact business management.

Finding the Right Legal Strategy to Compete

Corporate Counsel – While it is recognized that corporate counsel can play an integral role in a company’s long term success, the processes through which corporate legal departments provide competitive advantages remain poorly understood. The prevailing wisdom recognizes that companies need to incorporate legal considerations into top-level decision-making, but are most companies doing this?

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Executive Breakfast Series: Building a Culture of Compliance

‘Building a Culture of Compliance’ Continues Executive Education Breakfast Series

The Chief Operating Officer of a nuclear utility in Washington state noticed an employee trip on the stairs after catching her heel on some loose carpeting. The executive, laden with a full schedule of meetings and decisions, “stood guard” in the stairway until a repair person could arrive, ensuring that no one else got hurt.

That is one example of what a ‘culture of compliance’ looks like, where everyone, including key executives, takes individual responsibility for the values of the organization, said Robert Bird, a UConn professor of business law and the keynote speaker at an upcoming UConn School of Business Executive Education breakfast program titled, “Building a Culture of Compliance.”Continue Reading

Time to Flex

Giving Workers More Control of Their Time May Be Good for All – When she first began working there 15 years ago, Beekley Corp. in Bristol was a fairly traditional company. “We were of the mind that everybody needed to be here, 9 to 5,” said Maureen O. Gallo, vice president of human assets and operational excellence at the medical supply company. But when the company began asking its employees what it could do to make them perform at their highest level, one fact was clear: They wanted flexibility.

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Creating a Better World

Social Enterprise Conference
Pictured L to R: School of Business Dean John Elliott and Jeff Brown, EVP at Newman’s Own Foundation.

Mission-Focused Businesses Subject of Recent Conference

Business partners Spencer Curry and Kieran Foran go to work at their FRESH Farm Aquaponics business in South Glastonbury every day, believing they’re one step closer to solving world hunger.

When Justin Nash was a Captain in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan, his soldiers looked to him for guidance. Now a civilian, he’s using those leadership traits at Til Duty is Done, an organization he created which seeks to provide housing, employment training and career opportunities for returning veterans. Til Duty is Done, Nash said, gives him a renewed sense of purpose.Continue Reading

Social Enterprise Conference


School of Business’ Social Enterprise Conference Attracting Leading Scholars, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

“We don’t hire people to bake brownies, we bake brownies to hire people,” boasts the website of Greyston Bakery of Yonkers, N.Y.

Recognized as one of the best social enterprise companies in the world, Greyston Bakery’s mission is to provide individuals with employment, skills and resources to lift them out of poverty.Continue Reading

Work-Life Balance

Flexible Work Time Could be Salvation for Families–and an Advantage for Employers–So Why Do Companies, Employees Resist?

The typical two-income American family is stretched to the breaking point with responsibilities, and, for many, flexible work time would be helpful in finding a work-life balance, said Robert Bird, professor of Business Law.

“There are millions of people in our country under intense pressure,” said Bird, who is also the Northeast Utilities Chair in Business Ethics. “They are two-parent, working families taking care of children and/or elderly parents. Inflexible work schedules are making the stress even worse.”Continue Reading

Business, Law Students Collaborate During UConn’s First Joint Negotiation Competition

The University of Connecticut School of Law hosted the first UConn Law School-UConn Business School Joint Negotiation Competition last month.

The event fostered professional achievement and collaboration among the students, with four MBA students continuing on to a regional competition at Villanova University in April.Continue Reading