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Research Series Draws Top Scholars in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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The Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (CCEI) recently announced a research seminar series aimed at furthering professorial interest and expertise in entrepreneurship and innovation.Continue Reading

How to Work Effectively and Collaboratively in a Family Business

Working in and for a family business requires a unique understanding of family dynamics and values.

The UConn School of Business is currently offering its Spring 2018 Family Business Executive Education Program. Continue Reading

2018 Commencement

UConn Today– When this year’s graduating class entered UConn in autumn 2014, a robot made the first-ever landing on a comet orbiting the sun, Ebola was rapidly becoming a global health crisis, and the nation was reeling from a spate of police brutality. Four years later, we have a new president, fundamental shifts in our country’s relationships with its overseas allies, and a new national conversation around racial justice, immigration, and gun violence.

2018 Commencement Speakers

UConn Today– Whether representing the legal cases of families of children with special needs, leading efforts to teach young and pre-teen girls of color in-demand skills in technology and computer programming, or steering the course of Fidelity Personal Investing, the honored guests of UConn’s commencement ceremonies are leaders in their fields.

UConn to Hold First-Ever Giving Day from April 4-5

UConn Gives: 36 Hours. All Paws In.
UConn Gives: 36 Hours. All Paws In.

UConn Gives. 36 Hours, All Paws In.

For the first time in history, UConn Nation is putting all paws in to support the University during a 36-hour online giving event.

UConn Gives will begin on April 4 and continue through April 5, encouraging supporters to make a gift of any amount to their UConn passion project: from student scholarships, to groundbreaking research, and beloved schools, colleges, and academic programs. Continue Reading

Auriemma Leadership Conference Adds Speakers to Impressive Lineup

Additional speakers have been added to the lineup for the Geno Auriemma UConn Leadership Conference.
Additional speakers have been added to the lineup for the Geno Auriemma UConn Leadership Conference.

The Geno Auriemma UConn Leadership Conference has announced its full lineup of speakers for the April 17-18 event. Continue Reading