Who Champions the Best Cancer Drugs?

Management Professor Timothy B. Folta. (UConn School of Business)
Management Professor Timothy B. Folta. (UConn School of Business)

UConn Professor Tim Folta Finds that NIH-Funded Cancer Research Produces Newer, More Impactful Meds

The National Institutes of Health have historically had a profound impact on the creation of innovative and impactful cancer drugs and are more likely to endorse first-in-class medications than other funders. Continue Reading

How Visual Technologies Influence Virtual Teams

Persuasion word cloud

Professor Lurie Discovers Visual Technologies Foster Persuasion, Agreement among Virtual Teams

In a business climate where colleagues may never share office space or even meet face-to-face, Marketing Professor Nicholas Lurie has found that more visual information technologies can help virtual teams build consensus under tight deadlines. Continue Reading

Does Social Media Excel When an Industry is in Crisis?

OPIM Professor Shu He has been studying firms' strategic social media adjustment in response to a competitor's crisis. (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)
OPIM Professor Shu He has been studying non-focal firms’ strategic social media adjustment in response to a competitor’s crisis. (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)

Savvy Social Media Tactics Boosted Airline Industry Following Devastating Crash

The crash of a passenger airplane is the ultimate public relations crisis for the airline industry.

But the opportunity to explore the way a distressed airline—and its competitors—handle that crisis on social media provides an outline for many different companies on the right and wrong way to address an industry emergency, said OPIM Professor Shu He. Continue Reading

Fast Forward to 2018

Time For Change

Do Americans Believe in Getting a ‘Fresh Start?’ Marketing Professor Robin Coulter Shares Intriguing Answers

If 2017 didn’t turn out exactly how you’d hoped or planned, don’t give up!

Many Americans are strong believers in a ‘fresh start,’ reports Professor Robin Coulter, the head of the UConn School of Business Marketing Department. Continue Reading

Are Nursing Homes Inflating Their Medicare Star Ratings?

Are Nursing Homes Inflating Their Medicare Star Ratings?

UConn Professors Find that Some Self-Reporting is Flawed

Nursing homes may be inflating their self-assessments in an effort to improve their Medicare star ratings, according to a new study by UConn OPIM professors Niam Yaraghi and Ram Gopal and their colleague, Xu Han ’17 Ph.D. Continue Reading

Fall 2017 Research Newsletter

Hello to friends and colleagues across the country and around the world! The beginning of a new academic year is filled with energy and excitement, both for our students and our faculty. This year that momentum is augmented by a team of new faculty members who bring both extensive research accomplishments and a love of teaching to UConn.

Scholar Develops Software to Search the Dark Web for Hate Group Manifestos

The Journal of Blacks in Higher EducationUgochukwu O. Etudo, a new assistant professor of operations and information management in the School of Business on the Stamford campus of the University of Connecticut, has developed software that can be used to search the internet and the so-called “Dark Web” to identify websites that espouse radical views and violent behavior.

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The Power of Empathy

Kelly Herd (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)
In their studies, UConn marketing professor Kelly Herd (pictured, above) and Ravi Mehta of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, ask participants to design a child’s toy, select ingredients for a new kids’ cereal, and redesign a grocery cart for the elderly. Each time, the group that produced the most original products was the one instructed to imagine the target consumers’ feelings before beginning the task. (Nathan Oldham/UConn School of Business)

When Product Developers Invoke Emotion, Do They Generate More Creative Ideas?

What kind of potato chip would you create, and what would you name it, if you wanted to sell the product exclusively to pregnant women? Continue Reading