‘Propelling Change Forward’: School of Business’ Equity Series Tackles Compelling Workplace Topics

UConn Today – In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement and other calls for social change, there’s a tremendous appetite for knowledge and guidance among business professionals, students, and alumni in a vast variety of industries.

“In the midst of this social revolution I thought, ‘How can we at the School of Business make a difference and bring these issues to a wide audience?’’ says business law professor Robert Bird, who has organized a four-part speaker series on diversity and equity topics.

Common Coronavirus Claims: Don’t Be Fooled

Psychology Today – There is nothing that raises the panic meter in quite the same way as staring at empty store shelves where hand sanitizer, surgical masks, and even paper goods used to be. Many consumers immediately whip out their iPhones to order online—only to discover empty virtual shelves as well—at least when it comes to reputable, credible products, with recognizable name identification.

Even the Good News Is Bad for Ukraine’s President Zelenskiy

Bloomberg Businessweek – Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is battling Russian-backed rebels in the east. He’s trying to zigzag around Donald Trump’s impeachment drama. Even what should pass for good news, the country’s flourishing economy, has a catch: The stronger Ukraine’s economic growth, the more an obscure debt derivative could punch a hole in its finances.

Consumers: Online Restaurant Reviews are not All Equal

UConn Today – People searching online restaurant reviews give less value to those written on mobile devices than on other platforms, according to new research in the journal Marketing Science.

In a study of 275,000 restaurant reviews, researchers from the University of Connecticut, Boston College, and Peking University found differences in reader perception based on the platform where the review was generated.

Promotional Games at Retail Stores Increase Consumer Spending

UConn Today – Shoppers who win retail discounts through scratch-off tickets or other games of chance are more likely to make a purchase, and spend more money, than customers offered standard discounts that apply to everyone, according to a new study led by the University of Connecticut.Continue Reading

Tong still dissatisfied with Purdue Pharma settlement offer

Stamford Advocate – STAMFORD — Connecticut Attorney General William Tong reiterated Tuesday his opposition to now-bankrupt Purdue Pharma’s settlement offer, asserting that the Sackler family members who own the company need to hike their proposed payout and questioning how the potential deal would restructure and value the OxyContin maker.

Hurting the Planet is not Only Bad for Humanity, It Can Be Bad for Business

UConn Today – When it comes to climate change, one segment of society wants to do good and do well: investors. Be environmentally kind, yes; but build wealth, too. In short, hurting the planet is not only bad for humanity, it can be bad for business. All of which brings pressure to bear on companies that are polluters. How will this shake out? We ask Stephen Park, an associate professor of business law and the Satell Fellow in Corporate Social Responsibility at the School of Business.Continue Reading