At least one Connecticut-based company plans to run Super Bowl ad

New Canaan Advertiser – NORWALK — A year ago, one of the world’s largest travel-services companies scored a hit with the launch of an ad that would be seen by many millions of people. This year, Norwalk-based Booking Holdings is trying to emulate that success with another commercial that will appear during the marquee annual sporting event in the U.S

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Amid a scandal, Vince McMahon has stepped down, again. What’s next for the founder and CT-based WWE?

CT Insider – STAMFORD — WWE founder Vince McMahon has stepped down from the company, in the wake of a lawsuit filed last week by a former employee who accused him of sexual abuse. If that scenario sounds familiar, it is because McMahon announced his retirement a year-and-a-half ago amid a company investigation into alleged misconduct.

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Five Alumni to be Inducted into UConn School of Business Hall of Fame

UConn Today – Five UConn School of Business alumni, who have excelled in fields as diverse as college basketball, power-tool manufacturing, and complex financial services, will be inducted into the School of Business Hall of Fame this spring.

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Ask the Experts: LendingClub Review


Q: What are some pieces of advice people should follow when comparing personal loan offers from different lenders?

A: One of the most important criteria is the loan’s interest rate. The higher the interest rate, the more expensive the loan is for the borrower. Borrowers should consider whether the loan has a fixed rate or variable rate.

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Ask the Experts – Insurance Review

WalletHub – Q; Do you think Liberty Mutual’s tagline about customizing insurance to customers’ needs really distinguishes it from other insurance companies?

A: The “only pay for what you need” campaign is supported by several humorous vignettes with established characters, building familiarity and trust. The storylines are attention-getting, memorable, and pleasant. This is the strength of this campaign.

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Marketing Students Played a Pivotal Role in Creating a Safer UConn

UConn Today – Capt. Justin Gilbert believed the new LiveSafe app offered by the UConn Police Department could be a potential lifesaver for students—if only they knew about it.

But after a semester of availability, the app had only 400 active users.

“We weren’t getting much traction,’’ Gilbert says. “And that was really frustrating because this app has really great safety features.’’

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Popular Business-Law Series Kicks Off With Discussion of College Athletes’ Rights Movement

UConn Today – The School of Business’ popular Equity Now Speaker Series resumes this fall with a discussion about the relatively new opportunity for college athletes to profit from the use of their name, image and likeness.

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