Yuntao Dong

Thrive or Falter?

emotional intelligence

UConn Professor Finds that ‘Emotional Intelligence’ May Determine Whether Young Managers Succeed

UConn Management Professor Yuntao Dong and two of her colleagues believe they may have uncovered possible reasons why some young managers thrive in challenging new jobs, while others become frustrated and discouraged.

In an article published on the Harvard Business Review web site, Dong and her colleagues revealed the findings of their research that analyzed the “emotional intelligence” of 214 study participants. While all were highly intelligent, some of them were identified as having a better ability to deal with frustration, uncertainty and other challenges associated with new, demanding tasks.Continue Reading

Why Certain Managers Thrive

Why Certain Managers Thrive in Tough New Jobs While Others Get Fed Up
Harvard Business Review – Career development is supposed to keep young managers engaged and motivated, but sometimes it backfires, prompting them to start looking for an exit from the company. That’s because the new responsibilities that facilitate on-the-job learning can take them well beyond their comfort zones, making them feel frustrated, angry, or fearful of failure.

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