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In Connecticut, We’re on the Cusp of a Transit Renaissance

History can tell us a lot about the future. Think back to the late 1800s, when many U.S. cities began to grow around train stations. Marketplaces developed as locations where merchants could sell their products, and this attracted customers from all around Connecticut to live and work near the marketplaces.Continue Reading

Entrepreneurship Doesn’t Always Deserve the ‘Risky Business’ Reputation That It Is Assigned

Most of us are aware of the state-wide efforts underway to jumpstart the Connecticut economy by inspiring entrepreneurship. As we consider these efforts, it is worth contemplating how it is that the entrepreneur does what she does. Continue Reading

New Cultures of Food

Sunset at Letna Beer Garden

Another 7 days have flown by and if I have learned anything, it is that putting my experience into words will never do it justice. From the highest towers in Prague to the comfiest corners in local cafes, this week my Czech Republic adventures have continued. Following orientation week, we had begun our Czech Intensive Language course that would be 6 hours of instruction for 2 weeks. But this intensive course did not stop any of us on the program from making the most of our study abroad experience. My friends and I had spent many of our nights watching the sunset at Letna Beer Garden, hiking up Petrin Tower, and peddle boating on the Charles River. Continue Reading

UConn’s MS Degree in Human Resources Draws Diverse Specialists

As academic director for UConn’s Graduate Programs in Human Resources, I had the pleasure of welcoming 39 new master’s students to campus earlier this fall. We are excited to have a student cohort with a wide range of prior experience and knowledge coming into the program, because we believe such diversity enriches the classroom and online discussions with varied perspectives, beliefs and questions. Continue Reading

First Week in Prague

Walk to first day of classes across the Charles Bridge.

The days before beginning my study abroad experience in Prague were filled with anticipation and excitement as I was preparing to spend almost 4 months in a foreign country. I was ready to fully immerse myself in the Czech language and culture. Continue Reading