FAU Study Says Some Nursing Homes Gaming the System to Improve Their Medicare Star Ratings

PR Newswire– For families faced with the difficult decision of placing a loved one in a nursing home, a government rating system is often the only source of information to determine which facilities are the best. However, a new study of nursing homes in California, the nation’s largest system, by faculty at Florida Atlantic University and the University of Connecticut, found that some nursing homes inflate their self-assessment reporting to improve their score in the Five-Star Quality Rating System employed by Medicare to help consumers.

Broadband Companies, Public Officials Set Sights on Super-Fast Internet

Stamford Advocate– The race is on to expand high-speed internet service across the country.

Stamford-based Charter Communications has emerged as a leader in the broadband industry, as it has connected millions of customers across the country in recent months to super-fast “gigabit” service. In Connecticut, public officials are also pushing ahead with a number of rapid-connection initiatives, which they argue are engines of economic growth. But these programs must tackle significant challenges — including recent regulatory changes — to fulfill their potential.

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Scholar Develops Software to Search the Dark Web for Hate Group Manifestos

The Journal of Blacks in Higher EducationUgochukwu O. Etudo, a new assistant professor of operations and information management in the School of Business on the Stamford campus of the University of Connecticut, has developed software that can be used to search the internet and the so-called “Dark Web” to identify websites that espouse radical views and violent behavior.

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Op-Ed: To Foster Information Exchange, Revise HIPAA And HITECH

Health Affairs Blog – We know that when patients are provided with access to their medical records, they feel more in control of their care, understand their health conditions and their care plans better, prepare for their visits, and adhere more to their medications. Despite patient portals’ usability challenges for certain groups of patients and disadvantaged populations, they not only help patients and their care partners but also are a significant means to reducing overhead costs for providers. When physicians are provided with instant electronic access to their patients’ medical data, both quality and efficiency of care radically improve. Overall, an interoperable system across the United States that provides instant access to medical records is estimated to reduce the costs of health care services by $371 billion per year.

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UConn Professor Gets Some Answers About Social Media Addiction

Mansfield Patch – A University of Connecticut faculty member has reached a conclusion about social media addiction — the answer seems to lie not with quantity of postings but whether people post more on weekends than weekdays.

UConn operations and information management professor Xue Bai and two colleagues revealed the findings in a newly published study in the journal “Information & Management” titled, “Weekdays or weekends: Exploring the impacts of microblog posting patterns on gratification and addiction.”