At-Risk High Schoolers Learning Personal Finance Basics at UConn

UConn Today – About 50 students from four high schools in Hartford and East Hartford have been traveling by bus to UConn’s Storrs campus for several Saturdays this spring to learn the basics of personal finance. Among those lessons are how to open a bank account, managing personal spending, and ways to fund a college education.

Michelle Cote, Relentless Advocate for Innovation and Hartford, Named A Top Woman in Business

Top 25 Women in Business Award  recipient Michelle Cote (contributed photo)
Top 25 Women in Business Award recipient Michelle Cote (Contributed Photo)

Michelle Cote, a relentless advocate for innovation in Hartford, and an instructor at the Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, will be honored with a Top 25 Women in Business Award by The Hartford Business Journal.Continue Reading

Serial Entrepreneur, UConn Alum Nadav Ullman Tackling Supply Chain Nightmare

UConn Today – When UConn alumnus and serial entrepreneur Nadav Ullman ‘12 (BUS) created Project N95, a national clearinghouse vetting PPE from around the world in the thick of the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, he discovered something more daunting than a shortage of surgical masks and gloves.

He realized the whole global supply chain process was broken.

An Epic UConn Love Story — in Eight Acts

UConn Magazine – You might think that what is possibly the greatest love story in the history of UConn would have ignited at a place like Mirror Lake or the Dairy Bar. But this epic Husky love story has its roots in The Jungle, as McConaughy Hall on the Storrs North Campus was iconically known. It was there in the late 1980s that eight women — most freshman residents of the third floor — and eight men —most freshman residents of the fourth floor — met and began dating.Continue Reading

Retired Professor Offers $100K Matching Gift to Save Veterans’ Entrepreneurship Program

UConn Today – United States Marine Corps veteran Tony Audette builds custom motorcycles for celebrities, business titans, and other enthusiasts who want a bike that’s unlike any other. His exclusive motorcycles sell for upwards of $130,000.

After two years in business, Audette Motorcycles, in Canton, is thriving. Audette credits much of his business knowledge and expertise to the School of Business’ Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans (EBV). The startup accelerator steered him away from several costly business mistakes, he said.

Alumna: Happiness Isn’t as Elusive as it May Seem

UConn TodayUConn alumna Michelle Wax ’12 (BUS) drove her Jeep across the country in search of people who were truly happy.

She found hundreds of them, from teenagers to senior citizens. None of them were millionaires. All of them led normal lives with challenges, from the mundane to the extreme, yet their outlooks were inspirational.

In a documentary film, American Happiness, which debuts next week, Wax chronicles her journey and what she discovered from those who live joyful, energetic, and meaningful lives.Continue Reading

Wolff Family Philanthropy Champions UConn Entrepreneurs with ‘Unstoppable Ambition’

UConn Today – If there is one thing that alumnus Thomas John Wolff ’56 (BUS) knew well, from first-hand experience, it’s that becoming a successful entrepreneur is incredibly hard work.

Wolff, who once owned five businesses simultaneously, believed in persistence, ambition, determination and almost unstoppable drive. He also knew that a great mentor and wise advice can take a young entrepreneur a very long way.Continue Reading