Author: Kate Blomstrann

One Pond at a Time: UConn-Affiliated Startup Looking to ‘Revolutionize’ Mining Industry

UConn Today – They’re located all over the world. They’re enormous lakes, but you’d never consider dipping a toe in. They’re full of heavy metals, hazardous chemicals, and sludge. And they smell really, really bad. They’re called tailings ponds, and they’re a massive problem for both the environment and the mining industry that creates them.

Young people and people of color have become unemployed at disproportionate rates amid the pandemic

UConn Journalism – Nearly 80 percent of registered voters say the economy is an important issue, according to an August 2020 Pew Research Center study. In the same study, 88% of President Donald Trump’s supporters ranked the economy as “very important,” the most of any of the issues they asked about.

UConn Students, Alum Shine As Part of ‘The Ventilator Project’

UConn Today – A pair of UConn students and a recent graduate are part of a Boston-based effort that is trying to bring an emergency ventilator to market as quickly as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. Noah Pacik-Nelson ’20 (ENG) now serves as the lead engineer for The Ventilator Project, an all-volunteer organization.