Ph.D. Student Teaching Awards

On March 22, the Ph.D. students and coordinators for the five Ph.D. concentrations met at Willington Pizza for a “BUS Ph.D. Student Night of Appreciation,” where we celebrated student accomplishments during the last year.

At this event, we announced the winners of the school’s 2012 Ph.D. student teaching awards.  Each of the five Ph.D. program concentrations gave a teaching award to a qualified student in their concentration.  The coordinators of the five concentrations (John Phillips – ACCT,  Joe Golec – FNCE,  Lucy Gilson – MGMT,  Bill Ross – MKTG, and Jan Stallaert – OPIM), along with the program director (Gary Powell), then decided as a group which of the winners of a teaching award in a concentration would receive this year’s School of Business teaching award.

The winners of the 2012 teaching awards in the concentrations (from left to right in the attached photo) are:

Finance – Hieu Phan

Accounting – Elizabeth Kohl

Management – Nesij Huvaj

Marketing – Hang Nguyen

OPIM – Lei Wang 

The co-winners of the 2012 School of Business Ph.D. Student Teaching Award are Elizabeth Kohl and Hang Nguyen.

Please join us in congratulating these students for their superb performance in the classroom. Outstanding teacher-scholars such as them are at the heart of the School of Business in the fulfillment of its teaching mission.

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