Annual Faculty Awards

At the beginning of this month, the Teaching and Research Committee met and evaluated nominations for the annual Faculty Awards.  A total of nine winners, a runner up, and two honorable mentions were awarded.

Under the Research category the winners are Sarah Rice and David Weber for Best Paper.  Their paper is titled “How Effective is Internal Control Reporting under SOZ 404? Determinants of the (Non-) Disclosure of Existing Material Weaknesses.”  The Runner up was the paper “Integrated Block Sharing: a Win-Win Strategy for Hospitals and Surgeons” by Bob Day and Rob GarfinkelGreg Reilly’s “Reconsidering Pay Dispersion’s Effect on the Performance of Interdependent Work: Reconciling Sorting and Pay Inequality” and Bob Day’s “Quadratic Core-Selecting Payment Rules for Combinatorial Auctions” were both selected as Honorable Mentions.  The Research Excellence co-winners are Ram Gopal and John Mathieu.

For the category of Teaching the Graduate Teaching co-winners are Lucy Gilson and Kevin McEvoy.  The Undergraduate Teaching Co-winners are Mark DeAngelis and Mark Spurling, and the Teaching Innovation award went to Dmitry Zhdanov.

For Service and Outreach, the winner is David Papandria.

Congratulations to all of the winners of this year’s Faculty Awards.

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