How General Electric’s Departure Impacts Nonprofits in Connecticut

Satell Institute – On January 13, 2016, General Electric, a multinational conglomerate and one of the largest Fortune 500 companies, announced that it will move its corporate headquarters from Fairfield, Connecticut to the South Boston Waterfront area of Boston, Massachusetts. While the move is laden with consequences for the future direction of the company, it also represents a significant loss for the citizens of southwestern Connecticut. Continue Reading

Students Weigh In On Law Granting ‘Right to Disconnect’ From Work Emails After Hours

The Daily Campus– In a world of heavy smartphone use, nearly everyone can relate to constant notifications and the “ping” signaling the arrival of another email in their inbox. This year, French employees gained a legal privilege through the “Right to Disconnect” law, which grants them the ability to put their work emails aside outside of normal business hours.

Pursuing Your MBA Could Be A Matter Of Looking Out Your Window…

HYPE Blog– Master degrees in Business Administration (MBAs) seem like they’re a dime a dozen. And if you look at any compiled list of colleges and universities that offer MBAs, it certainly looks like it. But there are a small number of schools that can boast their MBA return on investment (ROI) are “among the best in the country with affordable tuition and competitive base salaries”. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could say you got your MBA from a school that ranks in the top 25 public universities by US News, or in the top 100 MBA programs by the Financial Times, or in the top schools by Forbes Magazine and Business Week?

35 Best Master’s in Marketing Degrees for 2017

College Choice– We have collated the average credit hour cost, the amount of financial aid students receive, the academic reputation of the university, and PayScale’s average early career salary for the school’s graduates, and have thus arrived at, hands down, the country’s best programs. And, clearly, “best” for us means reputation, but also affordability, return on investment, and accessibility. Our information comes from PayScale, U.S. News & World Report, U.S. Department of Education, and the universities and colleges’ websites.

Conair Faces Close Attention After Cuisinart Recall

Stamford Advocate– As Stamford-based Conair replaces 8 million blades used in its Cuisinart food processors, which have been linked to mouth injuries from fragments of cracked blades, customers and regulators are closely watching its handling of the recall. The prevalence and speed of social media only heightens attention.

“They have to get on top of this, be transparent and open and stay ahead of the social media curve,” said Kevin McEvoy, an assistant professor in the University of Connecticut’s business school. “The brand equity is going to be damaged for Cuisinart — but how much damage and for how long depends on how they respond.”

An Efficient Investment-Risk Model of Compliance

The CLS Blue Sky Blog– Corporate compliance — the internal processes that firms use to ensure that their employees do not violate applicable laws and regulations — has become big business. Regulation of business continues to grow, punctuated by landmark laws that have re-shaped the financial services (the Dodd-Frank Act) and health care (the Affordable Care Act) industries in the United States. Further, federal regulators have…