Author: Nancy White

Internship Success Story: Marisa Crecco

Marisa Crecco is a marketing senior who completed an internship with GOBig Marketing, a full service marketing and advertising agency located in Winter Park, Florida. She found this internship by researching and emailing marketing related companies near her home in Florida. After contacting about 40 different places, she received an internship offer from GOBig Marketing. Continue Reading

Internship Success Story: Dylan Deleon

Dylan Deleon is a marketing senior who currently has an internship with Nerac, a research and advisory firm for companies developing innovative products and technologies. He is an Account Development Intern who consistently communicates with team members and clients, builds rapport with clientele, sets up meetings for future senior analysts and sales representatives, and looks for new clients in the biotech, medical device, and pharmaceutical sectors.Continue Reading

UConn Shines at Northeast Intercollegiate Sales Competition

Tyler Elliot, Adam Lefkowitz, Instructor Bill Ryan, Beau Baker, and Dylan DeLeon
Tyler Elliot, Adam Lefkowitz, INST Bill Ryan, Beau Baker, and Dylan DeLeon

For 150 students interested in professional sales across the Northeast, the Northeast Intercollegiate Sales Competition (NISC) at Bryant University is the ultimate chance to prove their selling skills. This past November, four UConn students from the UCONN Program for Sales Leadership (PSL), Marketing Department, joined Marketing Instructor Bill Ryan to compete at NISC. William Baker ‘16, Dylan Deleon ’16, Tyler Elliott ’16, and Adam Lefkowitz ’16 competed in sales role plays with sales professionals that represented various companies, attended sales development seminars, and networked with 24 corporate sponsors. Other competitions involved social media and the classic elevator pitch. The students used their strongest persuasion abilities to convince corporate recruiters, managers, or vice presidents that they were the strongest job candidate.

Out of the 17 attending universities, UConn took third place for Overall Sales Team. William Baker, a senior finance major, won second place out of 150 students. He remarked, “It was a fantastic opportunity to get a chance to network with some great companies and individuals. Bryant put on a great competition, and I strongly recommend UConn students interested in professional sales to attend the next one.” About his second place standing, he said, “I’m very pleased with how I did at the competition, but there is always room for improvement.”

The UConn School of Business offers a Professional Sales Concentration for Marketing majors and a Professional Sales Minor for non-marketing business majors and non-business majors taking classes in the school of business. There are two marketing electives offered each semester – Professional Selling and Sales Management and Leadership. And, coupled with a sales internship over the summer, you can prepare yourself for a successful performance at a collegiate sales competition or a professional sales role after graduation!

Internship Success Story: Taylor Hammeke

Taylor Hammeke is a senior marketing major who interned with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a global pharmaceutical company. She heard about this internship by researching medical companies and discovering that GSK is a leader in the pharmaceutical industry. This opportunity seemed right up her alley so she applied and got the internship!Continue Reading

Internship Success Story: Christopher Day

Christopher Day is a senior who interned with Athenahealth last summer. Athenahealth is a healthcare technology company in Massachusetts. His product marketing internship comprised of doing competitive research to see how other companies are positioning certain products as well as helping connect the product development team and the sales groups to make sure they know the product and use the correct terminology. After working at a healthcare technology company, Chris realized a corporate setting is not as scary as he thought it could be. He said his department was great at answering his questions and he learned a lot about the company within a 15 minute meeting. Chris’s useful recommendation: don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!

Christopher Day (UConn School of Business)

Next, Chris described his most memorable moment at Athenahealth where he had to give an hour long presentation to employees discussing how other companies are marketing their Clinical Messaging and how Athena should frame their services on their website. Chris admitted, “I had to answer a lot of questions from people who have a lot more experience than me which was a pretty nerve-racking experience. In the end, I felt that I was able to answer the questions well.” His marketing classes helped him achieve this eye opening experience. When putting together his presentation, he thought back to the marketing concepts he learned in class such as the SWOT analysis to demonstrate how products should be marketed. His manager also appreciated his use of Excel and PowerPoint.

When asked about how Chris found the Athenahealth internship, he replied, “I was interested in the healthcare technology field and applied to a position in Product Innovation that I found on a job search site.” Sadly, Athenahealth did not have a spot for him in that field but recommended other positions which led him to product marketing. After completing his internship, Chris really enjoyed working in this line of work and will be applying to jobs in the healthcare technology field. This experience helped him narrow his job search and discover which jobs align with his strengths. Chris’s internship at Athenahealth meant a lot to him and created a great foundation for his future.

Chris’s advice to others: “Try to network as much as you can at internships. Your job becomes easier and more fulfilling when you get a better idea of the big picture of the company and what everyone is working towards.”

Internship Success Story: Christopher Reschberger

Christopher Reschberger, a marketing senior, completed his summer internship at Bayer Material Science. Chris saw this opportunity on Husky Career Link which led him to an interview. Amazingly, he was offered the internship the same day!

His main responsibilities entailed day-to-day marketing communications activities and assisting with re-branding initiatives for his location. He was able to show off his creative side by adding his own personal twist to the re-branding projects, something he didn’t expect to do! He had daily check-ins with his supervisor who encouraged Chris to exchange ideas and feedback about re-branding strategies. He said the check-ins were great opportunities to share his input and receive advice.Continue Reading

Internship Success Story: Beau Baker

Beau Baker is a senior marketing major who completed an internship with Aetna this past summer. Aetna is a health care company, which sells traditional and consumer directed health care insurance plans. His responsibilities included assisting and shadowing account managers with their day-to-day activities. When we asked Beau what he learned from having real world experience, he honestly stated, “Corporate America is not nearly as efficient as I expected.” Even though it was not what Beau anticipated, he still enjoyed his internship and got an inside look at a corporate company.Continue Reading

UConn Stamford Marketing Club Conducts Charity Drive

UConn Stamford Marketing Club’s 2015 Toy and Food Drive (Kevin McEvoy/UConn School of Business)
UConn Stamford Marketing Club’s 2015 Toy and Food Drive (Kevin McEvoy/UConn School of Business)

The UConn Stamford Marketing Club has taken the lead in helping others this holiday season. The Club has initiated both a Canned Foods and a Toys for Tots drive that will distribute food and toys for the under privileged in the Stamford area. Emails, social media and word of mouth have been used by the Club to spread the word to the Stamford campus community. Two boxes for collection and a large sign have been located outside the Student Government Association (SGA) office across from the campus gym, along the busy main corridor leading from the front forum to the back classrooms. Digital Marketing & Analytics major, Cassandra Packer stated in an email, “We are trying to embody the giving spirit of the holidays and give back to those in need for our first major project.”

The club has also been active in attracting new members with advertising, Google Groups, registration events and person to person outreach. The UConn Stamford Marketing Club was founded early this fall semester when two groups of students working independently merged to become the latest student driven club recognized by the Stamford Campus SGA. Club interest has been driven by club leaders Cassandra Packer, William Helmrich, and Molly McHugh, and is overseen by club advisors Matt Longcore, Kevin McEvoy, and SGA advisor Gail Riquier.

Students interested in joining the UConn Stamford Marketing Club can click here for more information.

Internship Success Story: Hayley Reissfelder

Hayley Reissfelder is a senior here at UConn who had an internship with Christina K. Pierce Boutique Fashion Agency.  Hayley’s responsibilities included creating social media campaigns for different brands in order to increase their following on social platforms. Amazingly, one of her ideas called #theperfectpair on Instagram was picked up by their client, Dayton K!Continue Reading