Internship Success Story: Christopher Reschberger

Christopher Reschberger, a marketing senior, completed his summer internship at Bayer Material Science. Chris saw this opportunity on Husky Career Link which led him to an interview. Amazingly, he was offered the internship the same day!

His main responsibilities entailed day-to-day marketing communications activities and assisting with re-branding initiatives for his location. He was able to show off his creative side by adding his own personal twist to the re-branding projects, something he didn’t expect to do! He had daily check-ins with his supervisor who encouraged Chris to exchange ideas and feedback about re-branding strategies. He said the check-ins were great opportunities to share his input and receive advice.

Christopher Reschberger (UConn School of Business)
Christopher Reschberger (UConn School of Business)

Chris learned a great deal from having real world experience. He explained how it’s important to get to know your co-workers because they are a good resource. In addition, he commented,

“Everyone has a different career path and has unique advice to give; the only thing you have to do is keep an open mind. Listen to what other people have done and you might get some ideas yourself.”

Chris’ internship experience opened up many doors for him. After receiving advice from employers at Bayer, he realized this might be the right career path. Chris is excited to take what he learned from his internship and apply it to his future career.

Although Chris learned a lot from experience, he gained a basis for marketing from his classes. Bayer primarily focused on a business to business model, therefore Consumer Behavior played a large part in his internship. Chris stated, “I looked to customers we were serving slightly differently while still using course concepts.” Overall, Chris appreciated his internship at Bayer Material Science and being able to work beside such wonderful colleagues.

Chris’s advice to others: “Keep an open mind! Everyone takes their own path.”