Timothy Folta

‘Accelerate UConn’ Begins

New Program Prepares to Welcome Inaugural Teams of Inventors

The University of Connecticut is launching a new program, called Accelerate UConn, which will encourage and fund student and faculty teams interested in developing technology-focused start-up companies.

The program is made possible by a $100,000, one-year grant from the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (I-Corps), that may be extended for two additional years.Continue Reading

$300,000 NSF Grant

UConn Receives a $300,000 NSF Grant Toward Student, Faculty Research

By Molly Stadnicki.  This article originally appeared in The Daily Campus.

The University of Connecticut was recently recognized as a National Science Foundation I-Corps Site (NSF) and will receive a grant of $300,000 distributed over the next three years.

NSF’s I-Corps program focuses on fostering entrepreneurship that will lead to the development of technological advancements. Institutions recognized by this program are those that incorporate teams that are committed to strengthening local innovations.Continue Reading

Folta Serves as Guest Editor

Management Professor Timothy Folta, the Thomas John and Bette Wolff Chair of Strategic Entrepreneurship at the School of Business, is serving as editor of a special issue of the Journal of Advances in Strategic Management. Papers may be submitted until May 15. Research finalists will be invited to attend a conference at the University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Study in Strasbourg, France in November.  Folta, an award-winning researcher, is a Fellow of the Institute, which was created in 2012 as a place of intellectual innovation.

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Eight Outstanding School of Business Professors Earn 2015 Faculty Awards

A professor who used chocolate chip cookies to teach about quality control, three researchers who had work published in top journals, and an educator who vigorously promoted the School of Business were among the 2015 Faculty Award recipients.

“This year we honored eight outstanding faculty members for their exceptional research, teaching and leadership achievements,” said Associate Dean Sulin Ba. “The selection process was particularly difficult due to the dozens of impressive nominees. We are fortunate to have such talented, creative and remarkable colleagues.”Continue Reading

‘The Doors are Open to Anyone with Ideas’ University Leaders Say that Student Entrepreneurship is on the Fast Track

When Management Professor Rich Dino started a course that helps non-business majors write a business plan, it filled almost instantly. He scheduled two more classes, and the same thing happened.

“This semester I have students majoring in everything from physics to music, and their different views enhance the class,” Dino said. “The doors are open to anyone with ideas.”Continue Reading

School of Business, Faculty to Play a Key Role in Creation of New On-Campus Business Percolator

2015-01-06_folta-bozorgmanesh_300x180The School of Business and its faculty are key organizers of a new Entrepreneurship and Innovation Consortium on campus.

The consortium is designed to provide a coherent vision of UConn’s extensive entrepreneurial effort, as well as inspire, support, advise and encourage inventive and creative business ventures, simplify the start-up and grant-seek process, and introduce potential business partners.

“The School of Business is extraordinarily happy to be involved in the leadership of this effort for several reasons,” said Professor Timothy Folta, co-director of the consortium. “First of all, it will make an enormous impact on the university. Second, in today’s environment, entrepreneurship and innovation are critical for nearly every university stakeholder, so it makes sense to develop a coherent effort in this realm. Finally, the School of Business feels it has a great deal to contribute, because we offer programs and courses on entrepreneurship and have renowned scholars in this area.”

The consortium’s members come from across the university, representing diverse organizations that foster entrepreneurship and innovation. It is being led by the School of Business, School of Engineering, Office of the Provost, and Office of the Vice President for Research. The consortium was launched this Fall and will have its first Steering Committee meeting Jan. 28, 2015.

“The feedback we have received is phenomenal—it seems every organization wants to be part of the consortium,” said Folta, who serves as the consortium’s co-director with Hadi Bozorgmanesh, professor-in-residence in the School of Engineering.

The consortium will not be implementing programs, but will be a conduit for program leaders to share information and close the gaps on campus that inventors and business start-ups frequently encounter.

“We’ve found that people don’t know where to go to get information, and that’s something we can centralize, beginning with our web site,” Folta said. The newly created web site, entrepreneurship.uconn.edu, shares links to member organizations, stories of successful UConn-associated start-ups, grant application information, helpful business course links, and resources, both on- and off- campus, for people interested in starting businesses.

In addition to serving the immediate UConn community, Folta said he believes it will appeal to stakeholders beyond the university, including federal and state granting agencies that want more information about what innovation is occurring through the university.

Folta, who holds the School of Business’ Thomas John and Bette Wolff Chair in Strategic Entrepreneurship, said the participants will benefit from discussing ideas and sharing initiative and enthusiasm.

“We don’t want duplication of efforts,” he said. “We feel by improving connectivity, we will help coordinate new and exciting endeavors.”

What will it mean in the future?

“We hope that our member programs will develop new businesses and our educational programs will lead to a new generation of inventors of tomorrow,” Folta said. “We hope to increase the collaboration on campus, decrease duplication, promote a better statewide awareness of what we’re accomplishing at UConn and, ultimately, increase economic development.”

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UConn Doubling Capacity to Cultivate Business Startups

UConn Today – A new construction project now underway on the UConn Health campus, funded by Bioscience Connecticut, will double the University’s total business incubator space for the cultivation of startups throughout the state. Timothy Folta, faculty director of the Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the UConn School of Business, notes that incubators provide a variety of benefits to both the startup companies and the University.

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