U.S. News Names UConn’s MBA Program Among Top 50 in Nation, Top 25 Among Public Universities

The University of Connecticut School of Business has been ranked among the Top 50 “Best Graduate Business Schools” for 2016 by U.S. News and World Report.

The Full-time MBA Program is ranked No. 48 nationally. Among public colleges and universities, UConn ranks No. 23, up from No. 28 last year, and was the top program in that category in New England, according to the same report.

This is the fifth consecutive year that UConn has improved its standing, and the first time it has been in the Top 50.

“The annual improvement in our rankings, for the last five years, reflects our persistent efforts at continuous improvement,” said School of Business Dean John A. Elliott. “I appreciate the investment by faculty, staff, students and employers that have produced these improvements.”

Meg Warren, interim director of the Full-time MBA Program, said the Top 50 ranking is a tribute to the entire School of Business.

“It reflects the strong talent we recruit into our program, the rigorous program which our students benefit from, and the value employers place on our graduates, knowing the positive impact a UConn-MBA hire will have on their organization,” she said.

“Students who choose our program do so, in part, because of the extraordinary return on investment afforded to UConn MBA graduates. Placement for the Class of 2014, shows that about 95 percent have found jobs within three months post-graduation, and the average base salary for the whole class is over $101,500.

“I suspect one of the reasons for the jump in rankings may not only be competitive placement of our graduates with strong salary earnings, but also our Graduate Career Development Office, has made a concerted effort to develop meaningful relationships with corporate hiring managers and recruiters, which is connecting our talented candidates with corporate hiring teams.”

The UConn MBA Program tied for No. 48 with Southern Methodist University, University of California-Davis, Rutgers and University of Pittsburgh. Stanford, Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania took the top honors.

In addition to salaries and employment success, researchers noted the program’s high GMAT scores; strong student GPAs and favorable peer assessment. The 2016 rating is based on the placement results of the Class of 2014 as well as the admission profile of the Class of 2016.

In addition to the Full-time MBA ranking, UConn’s Part-time MBA program jumped 20 places to No. 52, and was the only school in Connecticut to make the list.

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